Oct 2nd, 2020

Machinone – Yumi Machi

Oct 2nd, 2020

Machinone – Yumi Machi

本日のBandcamp Fridayに合わせてMachinoneのミニアルバムを公開しました。
元々同年東京のFALLで開催されたFLAU showcaseのために作られた限定のCDは、1枚1枚異なる写真と手書きのクレジットが封入されたMachinone自身の製作によるハンドメイド仕様となっています。

Machinone’s new mini-album is a collection of piano-centered works played overlaid with scenes from the Meiji and contemporary towns where obscure poets and smoky people disappearing into the sky lived.
This mini-album, composed primarily on piano and a simple electric piano of his own making, was produced during the summer holidays of 2018, based on the concept of using keyboard instruments to play melodies created primarily on guitar.
Languid and mournful, the songs are an extension of the languid and mournful his latest album Pieni and will be the perfect accompaniment to the upcoming autumn season.

out now for today’s bandcamp friday.

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