Apr 23rd, 2021

CRYSTAL ‘Disco Na Koi’

Apr 23rd, 2021

CRYSTAL ‘Disco Na Koi’

東京のシンセサイザー・バンドCRYSTALが5/7にリリースするニューアルバム「Reflection Overdrive」より、テクノ歌謡な新曲「Disco Na Koi」を公開しました。
more info http://flau.jp/releases/reflection-overdrive/

CRYSTAL shares Yellow Magic Orchestra inspired “Disco Na Koi”, which features crystalline synth work that punctuates the smooth, Italo Disco-inspired dance-floor melodies. This new track also takes melodic cues from John Lennon’s ‘Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him’. Between the phasing chords and kalimba synth, Ryota Miyake (vocals, composition) stretches out his voice with lines about microbes dancing in a forest.

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