About flau

flau is a record label and event organize based in Tokyo, Japan, was founded in December 2006. curated by yasuhiko fukuzono aka aus.
flau has released many artists like Henning Schmiedt, Ulises Conti, Fabio Caramuru, Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, Submerse, Cuushe, Cokiyu, Noah, Ikebana, Crystal, Masayoshi Fujita, Danny Norbury, Jefre-Cantu Ledesma, The Boats, Motoro Faam, aus and more...
flau selected as one of the NEW SOUNDS OF BEST LABELS for 2013 by The FADER Magazine.


2006年に設立された東京発のレコード・レーベル。国籍やジャンルの枠に留まらないオルタナティブな音楽性と個性溢れる作品を数多く発表。これまでに東京、ロンドン、メルボルン、ベルリン、北京などでレーベル・ショーケースが実現し、いずれも好評を博している。リリースした諸作品はガーディアン紙を筆頭にPitchfork、Mojo、Q Magazine、WIRE、Mixmag、XLR8R、Dummy Magなどで取り上げられ、レーベルはJAPAN TIMES、Dazed And Confusedにて特集されるなど注目を浴びる。アメリカのカルチャーマガジンThe FADERが2013年最も注目すべきレーベルの一つとして選出。

music selection/production

海外アーティストの招聘:Olafur Arnalds, Julia Holter, Julianna Barwick他
各種媒体への音楽製作・提供: IKEA, SONY, d&TV(D&DEPARTMENT)他


please contact to us for distribution, promos and booking.
If you need promotional copies of our releases, please send us an email.

promo, press - press at flau.jp
booking for our artists - booking at flau.jp
licensing, all inquiries - flau at flau.jp



楽曲使用、メディア掲載・取材のお問い合わせ - press at flau.jp
アーティストへのブッキング依頼 - booking at flau.jp
イベント・コンサート製作のご依頼 - event at flau.jp
CDのお取り扱い希望、選曲、その他お問い合わせ- flau at flau.jp


“The records Flau releases are sonically quite diverse, from acoustic folk to dream pop and complex drum experiments. And though eclectic, never before has a label’s oeuvre come together to so closely sound the way a cherry blossom looks.” - The FADER

“Tokyo's Flau label is one of the biggest names in the world of really small sounds: its discography teems with recordings that blend field recordings, electronica and more traditional instrumentation to create some awesomely lovely headphone music ? the perfect soundtrack to a Sunday evening”
- Timeout Tokyo


“flau seem to have a magic touch; everything they put out..has a celestial, positively glowing aura about it that has us longing for more..sonically the label is incredibly diverse, but what its releases share in common are a playful curiosity, an unmatchable quality and a genre-bending commitment to evoking time and space within their sounds“ - DUMMY

“Japan's Flau label casts its net across a worldwide community of artists with a particular affection for fragile arrangements and microscopic songwriting...A reliable resource for all the finest, quirkiest exploratory electronic pop music” - Boomkat

“it combines genuine emotion with a sense of playfulness” - Fluid Radio


"Flau is everyone’s favourite Japanese label and, of course, we make no exception" - Going Solo

"constantly surprising, consistently stunning Japanese label" - Dummy

“un monde de l'infiniment fragile et doux.” - Ondefixe

“one of our favourite labels” - Textura

“Flau are one of those unassuming labels, which since 2007 have been quietly making their way in the world releasing a diverse range of high quality albums. Based in Tokyo, their roster of international artists blend field recordings, acoustic instruments, microsounds, and voice, in a sound that has become truly synonymous with the label” - Furthernoise


“flau is a small (but growing) label based in Tokyo...easy to miss, but this label are worth finding” - Foxy Digitalis


“An inner experience and pure fascination to little things concept and microscopic sounds. FLAU is the latest Label Of The Moment” - Otsechka


“the Tokyo label’s dreamy and cinematic aesthetic seems tailor-made for two favourite hobbies: idleness and letting the imagination run wild”
- Solar Flares


“This label collects very particular artists from all over the world all under one roof that eclectically holds them together. Each artist is so unique, that you would like to read a whole book about them” - PonyDanceClyde