Cicada from Taiwan was formed in 2009 consists of violin, cello, acoustic guitar, and piano. It's named after Cicada because people are aware of cicada's existence by their sound instead of forms.

Cicada released the first album “Pieces” which described a journey of self discovery and continued the concept of its handmade limited edition EP "Over the Sea/Under the Water". After that, Cicada experimented different combination of instruments and created the playful mini album "Let's Go". In 2013, Cicada began to compose for Taiwan. The theme of "Coastland" is the west coastland in Taiwan, and "Light Shining Through the Sea" was inspired by the east coast of Taiwan and the Pacific Ocean. There are flock of waterfowls, soft wetland, unpredictable ocean currents, rising waves, coral reef breaks and the ocean foams sweeping ashore …These two album personify the land and portray it's feeling undergoing all the changes and damages. Flau from Japan and Cicada are collaborating to release an album Ocean consisting of songs inspired by the ocean.

2009年の秋、作曲とピアノを担当する江致潔(Jesy Chiang)を中心とした5名によって結成された室内楽アンサンブル。2010年にOlafur Arnaldsのライヴのオープニングアクトとしてでデビュー、アルバム「Pieces」が台湾で大ヒットを記録し、いくつかのリリースと共に瞬く間に台湾で最も勢いのあるアーティストに成長した。今年flauより台湾の海をテーマとした最新作2作をコンパイルした「Ocean」を発表。来年初頭にはCicadaの初期作をまとめたコンピレーションをリリース予定。


Ocean (flau, 2015)
Farewell (flau, 2016)