Dale Berning

Dale Berning is a musician and artist from France and South Africa based in London. She collaborates reguarly with film-maker Hiraki Sawa, and has performed and exhibited in the UK, Japan, the US, France, Germany and Israel. She has releases on flau and Bo'Weavil Recordings and works with Take Ninagawa, Tokyo.

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ロンドンを拠点に活躍するフランス/南アフリカ出身の若手サウンドアーティスト。イギリスを中心に、日本、ロシア、フランス、ドイツにおいて幅広く展覧会、ライブ・イベントに参加し、これまでにColleen、Sanso-Xtro、Jez Liley、西川文章、梅田哲也らと共演。
2006年にはOren AmbachiやJames Blackshawのリリースで知られるイギリスのBo'Weavil Recordingからファーストアルバム「The Horse Stories」をリリース。また、東京の現代美術ギャラリーtakefloorの取り扱う美術作家でもあり、2006年11月には同ギャラリーで初の個展を開催している。近年のグループ展にはSequence and Repetition I and II (Jerwood Space/ Beldam Gallery/ロンドン/ 2007) Whispers behind the wall (Mehr Gallery/ニューヨーク/ 2007); Slow Life(John Hansard Gallery/ サウサンプトン / APT Gallery/ロンドン/ 2006)等が含まれる。


The Horse Stories (bo'weavil,2006)
The Horse and Camel Stories (flau,2007)

The Listening Project (2006)
walkwalkwalk: The Musical (2006)
Echod (flau,2006)
Polyphonal (delirious riot,2007)

soundtrack composition and sound design:
On It’s Way, a film by Astrid Nippoldt (1999)
Dancing Spirit, a film by Myoung Woo Kim (2003)
In Here, a film by Hiraki Sawa commissioned by Hayward Gallery, London (2004)
Going Places Sitting Down, a film by Hiraki Sawa commissioned by Hayward Gallery Bloomberg Artist Commission, London(2004)
Passer-by, a film by Hiraki Sawa (2005)
Between, a film by Hiraki Sawa (2005)
Flock, a film by Stephanie Caw (2005)
The Troika Fashion Event with Rachel Oxley, East Potential Charitable Organisation Victoria and Albert Museum, V&A, London (2005)
Trail, a film by Hiraki Sawa commisioned the Yokohama Triennial (2005)
Unseen Park, a film by Hiraki Sawa commissioned by the IV City on the Move Festival (2007)
Silts, a film by Hiraki Sawa (2009)
O, a film by Hiraki Sawa (2009)

Press Quotes

the lulling electroacoustic treatments are often very quiet and highly detailed - Boomkat

twilight atmosphere and rose-tinted nostalgia - Cyclic Defrost

like a big pretty lullabye. Dreamy snoozeville ambient lushness - Norman Records