Japanese female duo IKEBANA is consists of 2 very gifted female artists, maki and en. maki, from the legendary Japanese shoegaze band INCENSE, is a very traditional Japanese. She only owns an old mobile phone, she doesn’t have a digital equipment nor uses the internet. Her musical influence is limited to those of the 80's.

The story started when maki recorded the music she made into a cassette MTR. One day, moOog Yamamoto (of Buffalo Daughter whohas released the album from Beastie Boys own Grand Royal) bumped into her music in this cassette, and he immediately felt in love with it. From there, maki, Moog and their friend DJ Codomo decided to come together to form a band, and they named it “IKEBANA”. After some time, Moog and DJ Codomo left the band, and en took their place in joining IKEBANA.
In 2012, Yo La Tengo picked up IKEBANA's self-released album as one of his best albums on STUDIO VOICE.

In additional to music making, maki also makes hand-made clothing (second-hand clothing with her own collages) with the clothing label FLANGER. Artists like Cornelius, Buffalo Daughter and Kiiiiiii are taking  these clothing. (wei@mu-nest)

photo by Ryo Mitamura

maki(INCENSE)とen(ex-CITRUS)によるギターユニット。makiがカセットMTRに録音した音源をきっかけにバンドがスタート。山本ムーグ(Buffalo Daughter)、DJ Codomoが在籍・脱退後、enが加入し、現在の編成に至る。2009年に発売されたファーストアルバム『From Dusk Till Dusk』は自主流通のみながら、各所で話題を呼び、すぐに廃盤となる(後にウリチパン郡などで知られるAKICHI RECORDSより2ndエディションがリリース→現在廃盤)。 今年flauと契約、6月に初の全国流通盤となるセカンドアルバム『when you arrive there』をリリース。
バンドはYo La Tengoが昨年のベストに入れるなど、欧米のサイケデリック/ドローンの流れとは一線を画す純粋培養されたミニマル・シューゲイザーサウンドとして、高い評価を獲得、 makiによる古着をリメイクしたアートワークプロジェクトFLANGERなど、アート/映像との親和性も高く、様々なイベント/プロジェクトに参加している。


From Dusk Till Dusk (self/AKICHI,2009)
When You Arrive There
When You Arrive There Remixes (flau,2013)

Press Quotes

Beautifully Blooming...Japanese duo constructs minimal shoegaze music - SPIN MAGAZINE

It’s flooring stuff, suited for fans of Windy & Carl and Grouper

IKEBANA‘s brooding drones and shoegaze tones give way to songs still tinged with hope; not dark or sad, but simply pensive and aware…Sometimes being alone isn’t a bad thing at all.- DECORDER Magazine

The message is sincere, and as focused as its title. The pacing is unforced, its end result reaching something uniquely sublime
- Studiums & Shrines

minimal shoegaze, reminiscent of Slowdive’s Pygmalion or Grouper’s works. Breathtaking.e - No Fear Of Pop

the drone-indebted shoegaze outfit Ikebana has a sound that seems to decidedly draw inspiration from its moniker—one which is considerably restrained and sparse, relying on the repetition of delicately embellished chordsl -

where the guitar strums and vocals illuminate the chill of night with only the glow of the moon in the sky for comfort
- IMPOSE Magazine


“Ikebana” showcases the more adventurous side of the group, one where untethered fragments of hushed vocals and echo-laden guitars drift and intermingle freely within wide open spaces. - Textura