Growing up on a unique mix of street music and geek culture, kidkanevil aka Gerard Roberts has developed a distinctive and progressive sound over the years. A keen creative from an early age, his progression into music production was a natural one spurred on by an obsessive interest in hip-hop, anime OSTs and computer game music. Equally at home making Kaiju sized beats as he is delicate electro acoustic soundscapes, the kid has earned the praise and respect of numerous peers and journalists.

A Red Bull Music Academy alumni kidkanevil continues to display an impressive work rate, now with four solo albums to his name plus collaborative project Kidsuke alongside visionary Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe. He also co-produced the epic Stateless album ‘Matilda’ for Ninja Tune, released an official beat tape tribute to American electronics pioneer Raymond Scott and produced a number of tracks for UK rap giants Foreign Beggars, not to mention an almost non stop trail of remixes and productions. With his new album ‘My Little Ghost’ scheduled for the spring, this is just the beginning for this truly innovative and experimental producer.

photo by Dan Medhurst

ストリートミュージックとオタク文化の魅力的なミックスによって育ったKidkanevilことGerard Robertsは、長年にわたって個性的なサウンドを展開しているイギリスのプロデューサー。幼い頃からヒップホップ、アニメのサウンドトラック、SEGAのチップサウンドに恐ろしい程の関心を寄せ、自身の音楽製作をスタート。2007年に『Problems & Solutions』をFirst Wordより発表し、同レーベルよりこれまでに3枚のフルアルバム、Tokimonsta、Michael Fakesch、Bugら参加のリミックス集を2枚リリース。「RJD2とティンバランドが結びついた最高の瞬間、信じられない程素晴らしい」とBonoboに絶賛された他、iDJ、WIRE、Knowledge Magazineといった各音楽誌、ジャーナリストから高い評価を獲得。DJ Shadow、Daedelus、DJ Vadimなどミュージシャンからも厚い支持を受けている。
最近ではDaisuke Tanabeとのプロジェクト『Kidsuke』や、自身もメンバーの人気バンドStateless(Ninja Tune、!K7)、Raymond Scottのオフィシャル・トリビュート・ビートテープなどのプロダクションなどを手がけている。今年4年ぶりとなるニューアルバム『My Little Ghost』(Project Mooncircle/flau)をリリース。


Problems & Solutions (first word, 2007)
Back Off Man, I'm A Scientist (first word, 2008)
17 Samurai Remixed Vol.1 (first word, 2009)
Bashō Bashō (first word, 2010)
Bashō Bashō Remixed Remixed (first word, 2010)
freebeatsnbleeps (self release, 2011)
Tokyorkshire Research Inc (self release, 2011)
Matilda (with Stateless, ninja tune, 2011)
Kidsuke (with Daisuke Tanabe, project mooncircle, 2013)
My Little Ghost (flau/project mooncircle, 2014)

Oddisee – ZoOoOoOp (red bull music academy, 2010)
Peter Gregson - Gojira tai Mekagojira (red bull music academy, 2010)
Nahmsayin (dublab, 2011)
One For Tokyo (Nihon Kizuna, 2011)
Amenta – Stormy Weather (first word, 2011)
KanZeOn ReIndication (kanzeon OST, 2011)
Foreign Beggars – Palm Of My Hand / Working Angles (mau5trap, 2012)
Tehbis - Saturday Cartoons (groovement, 2013)

Natural Self - Lament (breakin'bread, 2007)
Stateless - Prism #1 (!K7, 2007)
DJ Vadim - Like The Wind (bbe, 2007)
The Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles - 8th Black Tentacle (7 black tentacles, 2009)
Laura J Martin - Doki Doki (first word, 2009)
Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Bamboo Saxophone (heavenly sweetness, 2009)
Alice Russell - Let Us Be Loving (little poppet, 2009)
Souleance - Le Plaisir (first word, 2010)
Dirty Diggers - Don't Know About That (first word, 2010)
Swede:art - My Home Is Not Here (tokyo dawn, 2010)
Belleruche - Backyard (tru thoughts, 2010)
Cherry & Kiat - Samurai Waltz (syndicate, 2010)
Natural Self – The Origin (tru thoughts, 2010)
Bonobo - Ketto (ninja tune, 2010)
DJ Vadim Presents The Electric - Toot Toot (o.g.s., 2011)
Pixelord - Fish Touch (error broadcast, 2011)
Taprikk Sweezee - Volt (error broadcast, 2011)
Bobby Tank - Vanquish (vermin street, 2011)
Beaty Heart – Cola (nme, 2011)
Stac - All Or Nothing (wahwah 45s, 2011)
Homecut – All For Now (first word, 2012)
Anchorsong - Darkrum (tru thoughts, 2012)
Jon Phonics x S-Type - Swamp Donkey (prism tracks, 2012)
Illum Sphere - Agent White (fat city, 2012)
Jesse Futerman - A Good Man Is Gone (jus like music, 2012)
Danny Scrilla - VV Cephei (Cosmic Bridge, 2013)
Jehst - True Intention (ynr productions, 2013)
Cuushe – Butterfly (as kidsuke, flau, 2014)
Arts The Beatdoctor - Moebius' Travels (lowriders, 2014)
UKU - Forest 5am (eklektik , 2014)
Gabriel Prokofiev & Peter Gregson - Float Dance (nonclassical, 2014)

Basement Soul: Sounds From The Floor vol.1 (unique uncut, 2007)
Not For Sale 2010 (red bull music academy, 2010)
Michael Fakesh - Exchange (musik aus strom, 2010)
International Connection Collection (dublab, 2010)
Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary (project mooncircle, 2012)
Robot Soup (potholes music, 2012)
Uprising (project mooncircle, 2013)
Fear Le Funk (fear le funk , 2014)
Nothing Leaves The House (first word / record store day, 2014)

Press Quotes

like the best moments of RJD2 and Timbaland combined…incredible!

Something truly memorable -

A sonic visionary - iDJ

Deserving to be right up there with Flying Lotus
Knowledge Magazine

fantastic, straight up awesome - Daedelus


IIILL!!!! DOOPPEE BOI FLY!! - Blue Daisy

Mahh type'o'shieeettttt!! - TOKiMONSTA

8 bit madness, gimme some more! - Alexander Nut

one of the most talented beatmakers - RBMA Radio

Sparse constellations of lethally-sharpened drum sounds flying around the listener act as a single structure of seemingly impossible strength... borderline psychopathic focus - Wire Magazine

A vivid display of dexterous beat construction and cultural experimentation. An incredible amount of characterOkayplayer

Very good, but entirely bonkers - Tom Ravenscroft, BBC Radio 6 Music

Incredible! - Ta-Ku