Name: Kumisolo
Secret name: Kumi Okamoto
Place of Birth: Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, Japan.
Place of residency : Paris, France.
Occupations: singer, songwriter, film director.

First contact with music: started shamisen at the age of 3, accompanying her mother on the taiko; started going to dance clubs with her mother around the same period; piano from the age of 7, with a private (and rigorous) teacher.
Second First contact with music : started playing the trumpet at 9, in her grammar's school's brass band. First public performance in the street during the "Tsutsuji Matsuri " parade; soon became head of the brass section of her junior high school; won a competition playing Stravinsky's Firebird.
First contact with pop music: elected "most popular girl" of the Ueno High School thanks to her multiple activities (she was still playing the trumpet but also made her first steps as a singer in a pop band club where she covers songs by Swedish band The Cardigans).
Early professional experience: part-time assistant in a dental clinic (enabling her to film her very first 8 mm short film in the clinic one evening): at University, met Saori Chan with whom she formed her first pop band, under the influence of French chanson and Japanese Shibuya Kei. The name was 'No Future', but Channel-Pro's label manager accepts to release a record only if the change name. Mike Always, of El Records fame, came up with the name "Crazy Curl" and it fit. Released "Bonjour Journal", Kumi's first official record.
Other, late professional experience: now a resident in Paris, she founded the Konki Duet with Zoe Wolf, ex My Own, and started collaborating with many Paris based musicians: Toog, Momus, Orval Carlos Sibelius, Shoboshobo, O.Lammノ After two albums and many tours with The Konki Duet, started recording solo songs and covers (of songs by The Supremes and many long forgotten J-Pop units) on her 4-track recorder: Kumi became Kumisolo little by little, with impromptu concerts in art galleries and recording sessions in her friends' studios, mostly from the Active Suspension Constellation in Paris (O.Lamm, Hypo, Domotic).

Most of all, Kumi tells us (and in all languages, English, French and Japanese) about Love from all angles, and through many more shades of grey than a E-major chord can offer: you can dance to it intoxicated in nerdy parties where people talk about music, lose yourself in the labyrinths of infidelity, express your love while floating in the air in a space station, love too much, care too much, doubt too much ミ in any case, My Love For You Is A Cheap Pop Song is as dense as true love stories, experienced in real-time, and displays almost as many colors as life itself.

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クミソロこと岡本久実は東京ではフレンチかぶれのデュオ、Crazy Curlのメンバーとして音楽活動を始める。その後フランス、パリを拠点にThe Konki Duetのメンバーとして3枚のアルバムとミニアルバムを発表している。

ソロとして活動を始めたクミソロの音のジャンルはとにかくシンプルで分かりやすいポップ、ポップ、ポップ。2008年に発売された彼女のファーストアルバム『My love for you is a cheap pop song』(flau/Active Suspenssion)を聴かれた方も多いのではないだろうか。
アルバム発売以外にも活発的にライブを行ったりネット上だけで聴けるカバーやオリジナルをリリースしたりととどまることを知らない彼女のソロプロジェクト。さらには彼女の友人でフランス人アーティストのShobo Shoboとの音とヴィジュアルのコラボレーション『Kumisho』はペドロ・ウィンター主宰の子供向けフェスティバル『ステレオキッズ』にも呼ばれ、子供たちの間で大好評だった。さらにはビデオプロジェクト『Bento Box』をフランスのウェブTV『Konbini』から発信したり、『Cam & Kumi』という名前のYouTube番組を作ったりと音とビジュアルのコラボの方にさらに力を入れる。
3枚目のThe konki duetのアルバム『Let's Bonnapetons』を発売以降、クミソロは100%クミソロの活動だけに専念するようになり、新しいレーベルEMIからフランスのエレクトロTristesse Contemporaineのスウェーデン人、レオヘルデンとのコラボの曲入り『Coeur Frag EP』さらにはRicky Hollyhoodとのコラボ曲入り『La Femme Japonaise EP』をリリース。


クミソロについて、音楽だけでは語れない。彼女のキャラは唯一無二のものだからだ。ライブではパリのファッション集団『アンドレアクルーズ』のドレスをまとい、全ての人に自身の音楽を聴かせたいという思いが伝わってくる。クミソロが好きすぎて息ができない!早く彼女に会ってもらいたいものだ。 - Tom de Glamour (Glamour Paris)



My Love For You Is A Cheap Pop Song (flau/active suspenssion,2009)
Kabuki Femme Fatale (flau/alter k/tona serenad, 2017)

Forms (intikrec,2006)
I Regret Not Having Kissed You (dokidoki,2008)
Let's Kiss & Make Up (tsunami addiction,2009)

Hypo - Dodo Couleur Plus (tsunami addiction,2010)
Hypo - Coco Douleur (tsunami addiction,2010)

Press Quotes

Cette ancienne étudiante en cinéma et amoureuse de la Nouvelle Vague n'a jamais caché s'inspirer des icônes des années 1960. Mais la force créatrice de cette Françoise Hardy japonaise, c'est l'imagination, comme elle le reconnaît. - Figaro

Kumi signe un magnifique album pour girls' groups du 21ème siècle. La légère amertume cachée sous la couche de sucre ne rend cette confiserie que plus spéciale. -