Machinone is the solo project of Sanriku-raised Daizo Kato - a multi-instrumentalist and composer that is currently based in Atsugi via Tokyo. He composes universal and creative music based on town in a broad sense, by using instruments like guitar, banjo, clarinet, reed organ, small piano, wood toys, music box, tape recorder, glockenspiel and cello. Machinone constantly exploring ways to experiment new technique like prepared guitar, but his music always bears his unique touches, the mellowness, and the occasionally bitter-sweetness.



Press Quotes

perfectly capture the sound of Japan’s ura-dori: the tableau-like backstreets full of century-plus old houses and closed, abandoned or repurposed Showa-era shops and machiya - Solar Flares

the comfort and fantasy of home, is the particular feel -

alternately nostalgic, melancholy, wistful, and bittersweet -

interesting, experimental twist, which at times reminded me of the work of Flim -
Vital Weekly

beautifully played classical guitar evocations that you can’t help but fall in love with. A delight.
- Norman Records