Hailing from Kyoto, Kazumichi Komatsu, who goes by the stage name Madegg, is a rising star in the Japanese electronic music scene. Moving freely between dubstep, chillwave, house and noise, part of the fun of listening to Madegg is not knowing what he’ll come up with next.

He supported the show of Ryoji Ikeda, Clark, Mount Kimbie, Tim Hecker, The Field, Arca, Matthewdavid, Mark Fell (SND) in Japan and played the show SonarSound Tokyo/Osaka 2013 as youngest artist that year.


2008年、16歳の頃よりReaperを使用したサンプリングコラージュ、フィールドレコーディング、プロセッシングされた音響作品を制作を開始。2011年Bunkai-Kei recordsより「Players ep」をリリース、2012年 flauよりファーストアルバム「Tempera」 をTシャツという媒体でリリースし、英最有力音楽誌の一つであるMixmagのBest Album of Monthに選出されるなど、特に海外にて高い評価を得る。2013年 Seiho主宰のDayTripperRecordsより「Kiko」をリリース。SonarSound2013 Tokyo/Osaka両公演に20歳の最年少記録で出演、同年の秋、渋谷WWWで行われたRyoji Ikeda “supercodex live set” World PremiereにOAとして出演。その後Clark、Mount Kimbie、Mark Fell(SND)、Tim Hecker、Arca、Baths、The Field等のアーティストと共演。
また、時間・インターネット・スキャニング・コピー・トレースといった方法により記憶/無音といった感覚的領域を示唆するかの様なインスタレーション/映像作品、平面作品の制作、グラフィックデザイン、アートディレクション、リトルプレスの制作、関西を中心とした音楽イベント・コレクティブ『INTEL』の企画運営を行う。作品やデザインの制作プロセスを全てメンバー全員の参加によって完結させるプロジェクトBrinc.を主宰、インターネットを軸に活動するトリオ yong のメンバーとしても活動している。


Tempera (flau, 2012)
Kiko (daytripper, 2013)
NEW (flau/raum, 2015)

Players (bunkai-kei,2011)
Atul (vol.4, 2011)
Sea (daytripper, 2012)
Toe (on sunday, 2012)
Teach (flau, 2012)
Bluu Form (flau, 2012)
Cute Dream (daenn, 2013)
5 (no credit, 2014)
M/D/G (raum, 2015)

Esme - The Butterscotch Sessions (popgroup, 2012)
mononomonooto - Wasurerareta Takotachi (polepo, 2012)
htrspltn - Siberian Romance (2012)
Cokiyu - Haku (flau, 2013)
Matthewdavid + Anenon - Toki (daytripper, 2013)
LASTorder - Bliss In The Loss (wonderlight, 2013)
mmm - Banuu (kiti, 2013)
Akira Kosemura - Niji No Kanata (schole, 2013)
Qrion - Sink (sense, 2014)
Uma - Room (perfect touch, 2014)
Quruli - Liberty & Gravity (victor entertainment, 2014)
Izumi Macra - P.S. (subenoana, 2015)

Out Of Dots (bunkai-kei,2012)
Songs Of Starry Night (p*dis, 2013)
From Dusk Till Down (p*dis, 2014)
Void (minourakentaro, 2015)


Press Quotes

Nathan Fake, James Blake, Four Tet and Fly-Lo here and there – but these aren’t direct influences, just signposts to a territory that belongs entirely to Madegg. Exquisite fine detail accumulates around beats which seem to emerge completely naturally from low-down sub-tones. - Mixmag

there's little doubt that Kyoto producer Kazumichi Komatsu isn't one of electronic music's best and brightest rising stars - The405


Madegg is masterful in his use of space; his tendency towards minimalism hearkens back to the best work of Four Tet and Aphex Twin - LiveForTheFunk


Whilst we're vibin' to lots of this ambient-indebted lush dance-music-you-can't-really-dance-to, here's something that literally just hit my inbox from Japan... - Drowned In Sound

Madegg’s music travels afar common dimensions - Inverted Audio


an extremely young beatmaker from Kyoto - PlaygroundMag

beautiful, ever-evolving musical ethos - Bigshot Mag


Madegg lives in his own world, one where wabi-sabi can be expressed as rickety 2-step. - Ad Hoc


kitchen-sink electronics - Pitchfork


Madegg‘s music may easily wash over people’s heads unnoticed. - The Pigeon Note


sun-kissed, bursting electronic beats have their origin from the hectic streets of Japan, Kyoto - No Fear Of Pop

Slithering synths twinkle as they travel ear to ear, grounded by the steady pulse of a deep four-on-the-floor kick. Ever-rising, the increasing sensation of elevation brought about by Japanese producer, madegg, is like a rush of blood to the head...madegg's energy is deliberately simple yet emotionally rich. -

a bit too much of a good thing… - Textura