Masayoshi Fujita

Masayoshi Fujita is a vibraphonist and composer based in Berlin. Being influenced by classic, jazz and many other kinds of music, but not following ordinary vibraphone play style and theory of composition, Masayoshi seeks his own sound of vibraphone, and new possibility of it.

He makes also unique and beautiful sound using bows (for string instruments), strings of beads and other objects on his vibraphone.
The music he makes has very unique atmosphere and suggests
images and stories to the listener.

photo by Masaya KATO

Masayoshi Fujita website


彼の別名義であるel fogでは、様々な実験的アプローチを用いつつ、アコースティックとエレクトロニック及びアナログとデジタルの狭間で、ヴィブラフォンとエレクトロニッ ク・ミュージックの融合を試みている。2010年に Jan Jelinekとのコラボレーションアルバムも発表。ヨーロッパ、日本を中心に様々な国のフェスティバルやライブに出演している。


Stories (flau,2013)

collaboration works:
Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek - Bird, Lake, Objects (faitiche,2010)
Masayoshi Fujita, Simon Harris, Derek Shirley, Jan Thoben, Kassian Troyer - Tesseract (home normal,2012)
Jan Jelinek - Do You Know Otahichi? (faitiche,2013)

ambient of Time (whereabouts,2011)
Pneuma (dear air, 2010)

The Beautiful Schizophonic and Yui Onodera- Night Blossom (whereabouts,2011)
Mimicof - Rundskipper (progressive form, 2011)

Press Quotes

Fujita’s plangent playing proves to be as sweetly intoxicating as drifting off next to a mountain stream on a summer’s day - Rock A Rolla

Fujita takes the listener through each movement with delicacy and patience, building and ebbing, weaving melodies together in ways that, like the best pop songs, sound totally natural and yet fresh and sentimental - Cokemachineglow

Berlin-by-way-of Japan vibraphonist Fujita offers small bright solo jewels with interwoven threads of unapologetically pretty - the Liminal