Laurel Simmons is the songwriter behind MayMay. The project began as an ode to friends and family back home in Flagstaff, Arizona. Over time it has evolved to become a project played, at various times, with several fellow musicians. Among those included are Heather Woods Broderick, Raúl Pastor Medall and Nicholas Archibald Marshall, all dear friendships found in a new place.

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アメリカ・オレゴン州ポートランドを拠点に活動するインディー・バンド。Loch LomondやRamona Fallsの作品やIndians (4AD)のツアーにも参加する女性シンガー・ソングライターLaurel Simmonsが、故郷へと帰る友達と家族への叙情詩を書くために始めたというこのプロジェクトは、時間と共に同郷の音楽家達と一緒に演奏するバンドへと発展。現在はHUSH、Sonic PiecesからのリリースやPeter Broderickとのデュオ・アルバムで知られるスペイン人アーティストRauelssonことRaul Pastor Medall、Nicholas Marshallによる3人編成で活動。過去にPeter Broderickの実姉で、ソロでも活躍するHeather Woods Broderickも参加していた。そのHearther Woods Broderickが編纂したコンピレーション『Portland Stories』(sonic piece)に1曲で参加。2012年flauより『MayMay EP』、『and so I place you in the setting sun』を発表した。

Press Quotes

we have a feeling 2012 is the year of MayMay - Bowlegs


Simmons’ music is the type of folk to make your heart feel tiny, with her voice heartbreaking - The FADER


She could be the American Beth Orton, if Beth Orton weren´t already the American Beth Orton. - Avant Misic News

MayMay’s minimalist approach is inviting and reflective providing a beautifully morose backdrop to a Sunday afternoon. -
The Line Of Best Fit

a feeling of early 1990s American indie groups like The Softies and early Blonde Redhead. Elsewhere….simply being gently beautiful in a corner - Happening Magazine

MayMay’s burgeoning suite is best described as a barefoot walk through the evocative reflections of Simmons accentuated world.-
God Is In The TV


Hushed, mournful songwriting with beautiful, understated melodies to bring a little comfort and peace in a harsh and surprising world - Norman Records


MayMay really is a thing of beauty - Just Music That I Like