In London, 1998, songwriter Justin Paton thought up a new group called NOW, so regular rehearsals were arranged with friends helping out on various instruments and NOW was born.
Along the way the NOW line-up has evolved to include the following:
Angela Last, Barry Woodcock, Justin Paton and Richard Thomas.
An EP named "Oisheedy Anna" is out on Discordance records and an album named "Frisbee Hotpot" was released in 2006 on Pickled Egg records.
NOW have contributed tracks to various compilation CD, CD-R & vinyl recordings since 2001 and have collaborated with ex CAN-singer Damo Suzuki (a CD of that has been released on TRI recordings & named "The London Evening News"), Charles Hayward, Salvatore, Rebecca Closure, Man From Uranus, Resonance Radio, the Kosmische club and The Klinker plus support slots with Faust, Circle, Tunng, Psapp, Rothko, Plaid, A Hawk And A Hacksaw,,, amongst others.

NOW could be described as catchy, contemporary, inventive, exotic, melodious and harmonious 21st century pop music.

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1999年、シンガーソングライターJustin Patonを中心にロンドンで結成されたロックバンド。これまでにFaust、Plaid、A Hawk and Hawk Show、Psappらと共演、クラウトロックの祖CANのダモ鈴木ともコラボレーションを果たしている。Justinの天才的なメロディーセンス、メンバーとのジャムセッションで生まれるクラウト・ロック、フリージャズ、Lo-Fi、エレクトロニック・ポップを混ぜ合わせた独創性溢れるアレンジメントが 融合したスタイルは、地元メディアから「21世紀のポップ・ミュージック」と評されている。The Stooges(ストゥージズ)のMike WattがラジオでNOWの特番を放送し、大きな反響を得るなど、現在地元ロンドンを中心に人気急上昇中。



Frisbee Hotpot (pickled egg.2006)
Oisheedy Anna (discordance,2008)
The Hepadaboo (flau,2008)
Ooodipooomn (pickled egg,2009)
Ooo-Doo-Sigh (clinical arhives,2009)
Sudden Bursts/Normal Breaths (clinical archives,2011)
5 Song EP (500$limit,2012)
Synthesized Valentine (kittenrock,2012)
Six Selections (open sound groupe,2012)
Pileofskyhighmiles (clinical archives,2012)

with Damo Suzuki:
The London Evening News (tri,2007)

Press Quotes

Pursuing their offbeat, off-kilter and occasionally off-the-wall mashup of lo-fidelity experimental pop music and uptempo kosmik grooves at the fringes of undergound and overground success, NOW continue to demonstrate the tireless heart of their being is something close to an unsung national treasure - Plan B


a perfect balance of the yin-yang…masculine/feminine - A TONAL D


Now has invented a dancing machine far from the ordinary. By skillfully mixing electro, pop, krautrock, experimentation jazz and pure groove, this band of merry Londoners confidently launch themselves onto the dancefloor and are there to stay - FR.RSS-FEED


soaring, dipping and jolting regularly - The Vanyty Project


riddled with lovely little tricks - Penny Black Music

the dream of awesome tape music experiences -YeahIknowItSucks