Orla Wren

Orla Wren is Tui.
Tui knows Orla Wren best of all ...

North East bred, Tui broke away early from the unnecessary trappings of the modern world ( little things, like bank accounts and living in buildings ), becoming that most unlikely of individuals; a be-dreadlocked, lap-top wielding, soundscape creating Neo-Gypsy.

His itinerant lifestyle found him busking throughout Europe, sleeping in forests and travelling the length of his adopted Scotland selling his multi media art work on the streets. En route he found time to release the critically acclaimed first Orla Wren album “Butterfly Wings Make” ( Expanding Records, 2006 ).

Tui has a happy obsession with rendering the minutiae of nature into sonic form, combining the oldest, wonkiest most organic of possible sound sources,
instrumental or otherwise, fashioned into textures of pinprick detail.
Orla Wren is a dream child. It’s surfaces may be brilliantly modern, but it’s soul is ancient and gently unfolds itself in a contemplative manner,
revealing the antiquated isolation of the environments that have inspired it.

'The seven years since I set out, her tiny hand in mine' ...


visual by Joey Bania


Orla Wren website

ウェブ・デザインや自作の絵画を売りながら欧州中を旅するネオジプシーOrla Wren。2006年、旅行中にBenge主催のexpanding recordsより1stアルバム『Butterfly Wings Make』をリリース、エレガントな音響処理と独特の美意識溢れる作風が大きな反響を呼ぶ。2009年Keiron Phelan(State River Widening, Phelan/Sheppard)の紹介によりflauと契約。総勢5名のボーカル、8名のゲストプレイヤーを迎えた大作『The One Two Bird and The Half Horse』を発表した。


Butterfly Wings Make (expanding,2006)
The One Two Bird and The Half Horse (flau,2009)
Book Of The Folded Forest (home normal,2013)

compilation & remixes:
Session 1 (tribute to john peel,2005)
Session 2 (tribute to john peel,2005)
Sampler One (expanding,2006)
88 tapes (kesh::::,2008)
Musique Pour Statues Menhirs (arbouse,2009)
Kanshin (hibarnate,2011)
Air Texture volume 1 (air texture,2011)

Press Quotes

ambient folk alchemist - Loosing Today


An excellent marriage between digital music and traditional folk music. - Vital Weekly


'otherworldly’, tends to some up what makes Orla Wren works so magical – and again ‘magical’ feels like an excellent word for it...Orla Wren is the solo work of a pixie-like woman of Gaelic descent...a Kate Bush for the world of micro-minimal folktronica - Fluid Radio

Tui colourfully blends instruments and textures in a palette of digital sound, where every fragment is made lucidly apparent – enabling the listener to fully examine not only the recording process, but the artist’s environment - Barcode Magazine


En pourvoyeur de musiques pour doux rêveurs, flau continue son bonhomme de chemin, et Orla Wren l’y aide bien. - Autres Directions


Tui planque ses micros un peu partout au milieu de cette agitation, et les voix sans paroles viennent compléter les histoires. - Delicous Sculpture

The music of this artist is as endearing as himself, offering a shy and sweet sensibility. We are invited to fly over pictures (his or ours)
of the most charming moments captured at other parts of the world.
That’s the beauty of tiny things that gives a meaning to life here:
when a bee comes in your ear to awake you, the feeling of a sunny day on the skin, fresh grass between the toes or a child’s laugh floating in the air. The work of Orla Wren is highly comforting, with a respectful care to details from nature and childhood, or time stopping. As sound flies by the studio, we can feel a friendly hand caressing our neck while repeating everything’s going to be okay.Tui reveals those magic instants to others while preserving their fragility and their innocence, their intensity and plainness - Marion Garbierl, VOIR,CA