Port St. Willow

Port St. Willow is the solo vehicle of ambient pop and drone artist Nicholas Principe.

The project started in 2009 when Principe was living in Portland, Oregon, and melded textural atmospheric sounds with soft, slowcore song structures and falsetto vocals. A self-released first album, Even//Wasteland, appeared in late 2010, making the rounds in the form of a hand-stamped CD-R. Principe migrated to Brooklyn in 2012 where he finished and self-released a second album Holiday. Holiday made more of an impression, drawing outspoken praise from several media outlets as well as a public nod of recommendation from noise pop godfather Brian Eno.

Port St. Willow’s sophomore effort, Syncope, uses a similar focus on rhythm, texture, and voice to revisit the world that Holiday built.




USポートランド出身、現在はNYを拠点に活動するNicholas Principeによるプロジェクト。 セルフリリースした「Holiday」がPitchforkなどから高い評価を受け、The DrumsやAutre Ne Veut、Chet Fakerらが所属するDowntownよりリイシュー。2015年セカンドアルバムとなる「Syncope」をflau/people teethより発表する。


Holiday (2012)
Syncope (2015)


Press Quotes

I kept listening to it over and over again. It's such a beautiful piece and I thought, "Why isn't this the most famous piece of music around right now?" - Brian Eno

with Nick Principe’s flooring vocal ability and his writing on the Holiday LP, the band is calibrated to be a long enduring staple of the falsetto fest circuit. -

it's just the kind of record that makes sadness feel like somewhere you'd want to stay a few days. - Pitchfork

A truly cathartic experience, Holiday confronts several painful truths, and emerges with a suite of songs all the better for it - powerful yet understated, universal yet deeply personal - The 405

Principe’s devout lamentations, echoing drums, vibrating synths and woebegone piano take you on a poignant and wondrous journey you won’t soon want to end
- My Old Kentucky Blog