Rima Kato

Rima Kato started ‘Strrows’ in 1996. Strrows was lo-fi girls folk duo like a The Softies, Melody Dog, Marine Girls, Chamellows, Dear Nora, DQE, etc. They released some CDs from Midi-Creative Records in Japan. But, Strrows broke up 2001. They soon disappeared from the music scene.

But, she had continued to compose in secret and loneliness the past ten years. Recently, Asuna got to know her. and discovered her solo music. Then Asuna released her music by Cassette Tape from his label called WFTTapes. This “Harmless” is her first formal release by 3 inch CD album from aotoao label. She compiled some stories songs her own. Rima Kato music stands out by such a simple arrangement with sense of melancholy and transparency.

And then she plays music again now. Recently, she plays together Julie Doiron, Mount Eerie, Sharon Van Etten, Pascal Pinon, Eddie Marcon, Rachael Dadd, MayMay, Rauelsson, Masha Qrella, Lake, etc.

photo by Ryo Mitamura

1996年ネオアコ2人組バンド、ストロオズを結成し音楽活動を始める。自主レーベルから2本のカセットテープ作品をリリース。99年ミディ・クリエイティブからCDデビュー。解散後のブランクを経て、2009年ソロでのライブ活動を始める。ASUNA主宰のカセット・テープ・レーベル WFTTapes から2本の作品をリリース。同氏による3インチCDレーベル aotoao から2012年にミニアルバム 『Harmless』をリリース。現在も継続的にライブ活動を行う。実兄とのユニットFamily Basikのファーストアルバムを2014年11月リリース。2015年初頭、加藤りまとしての最初のフルアルバムとなる「faintly lit」をflauよりリリース予定。


harmless (aotoao, 2012)
faintly lit (flau, 2015)

singles & eps:
four songs (wfttapes, 2010)
cover songs (wfttapes, 2011)

casiotone compilation 2 (aotoao, 2011)
モナレコードのおいしいおんがく (mona records, 2013)
FOUNDLAND (flau, 2013)

as Strrows
Strrows A Go Go (straw company japan, 1996)
Wander Grand Children (straw company japan, 1997)
Summer Shot (midi creative, 1999)
Mazy Repeater (midi creative, 2000)

as Family Basik
A False Dawn And Posthumous Notoriety (white paddy mountain, 2014)


Press Quotes

Rima Kato's songs sound great, played with great care and there is lots of stuff happening - Vital Weekly