Sep 4th, 2020

Ensemble 0 back on stage

Jul 2nd, 2020

special bundle set for ILM x Bandcamp

明日7/3(金)のBandcamp Friday、ILMのためのスペシャルセットを販売します。Tomo AkikawabayaことThのサイ...

Jul 14th, 2019

Ensemble 0 plays live to Lee Changdong’s “Poetry”

韓国のイ・チャンドン監督の映画「ポエトリー アグネスの詩」にEnsemble 0が音楽を付けたライブ上映の模様がYouTubeで公開、ブリュ...

Dec 23rd, 2018

Circles is in Textura’s Top compilations


Nov 7th, 2018

ensemble 0 goes to Columbia

Oct 24th, 2018

Nice Review for ‘ensemble 0 plays eight compositions and it lasts 38:36’ by De Subjectivisten

Oct 20th, 2018

happy release day ‘ensemble 0 plays eight compositions and it lasts 38:36’

ensemble 0の来日ツアーが昨日のdoinel公演にて終了しました。各地たくさんのご来場ありがとうございました。最新作のレコードも昨日...

Sep 23rd, 2018

Ensemble 0’s Belgian section offer up calm, soothing sounds – reviewed by Fluid Radio

Aug 28th, 2018

ensemble 0’s new Brussels section to record 8 compositions for flau, premiered by Tiny Mix Tapes

現代音楽コレクティブEnsemble 0のニューアルバム「Ensemble 0 plays eight compositions and i...

Jul 20th, 2018

Nice Review for Circles by Textura

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