Jan 10th, 2018

Cicada ‘White Forest’ China Tour


Jan 8th, 2018

Emma Gatrill covers This Is The Kit’s ‘Two Wooden Spoons’

Emma Gatrillが明日から始まるThis Is The KitとのUKツアーを記念して、This Is The Kitの「Two W...

Dec 27th, 2017

Henning Schmiedt interviewed by CINRA


Dec 6th, 2017

Same Waves debut track ‘My Way’ premiered by GoldFlakePaint

Same Waves (collab between Lindsay Anderson & John Hughes aka Slicker) debut track 'My Way' premiered by GoldFlakePaint. Same Wavesのデビューシングル「My Way」が上記サイトにてプレミア公開。 Like a ready-mate soundtrack to late-night, mid-of-Winter, exploration, with aching lyrics about the road at night, of the desire to arrive, ‘My Way’ is a beautifully evocative, meandering piece of pop music that slowly, caref……

Dec 2nd, 2017

Collab between Lindsay Anderson (L’Altra) & John Hughes (Slicker/Hefty’s owner) new project Same Waves on the FLAU roster

We're happy to announce a new artist Same Waves by Lindsay Anderson (L'altra, Telefon Tel Aviv) and John Hughes (Slicker, the owner of a legendary Hefty Records) on the FLAU roster: First single release Dec 8. http://flau.jp/artist/same-waves/ レーベルに寄せられたデモテープから2組のアーティストがflauに加わります。1組目はシカゴの名レーベルHeftyのオーナーSlickerことJohn HughesとL’ALTRAのLindsay AndersonによるニュープロジェクトSame Waves。Telefon Tel Avivや……

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