Mirror Flake

cat#: FLAU01B
Release Date: Aug.17th.2011 (original date Jul.11th 2007)



  • 01. More
  • 02. Hedgehog's Wedding
  • 03. Mirror Flake
  • 04. Storm
  • 05. Gdb
  • 06. In The Air
  • 07. Org
  • 08. Piano and Frog
  • 09. Roadz
  • 10. Star Takes A Rest
  • 11. In The Air (Ametsub Remix)
  • 12. Gdb (Geskia Remix)
  • 13. Mirror Flake (Tyme. Remix)

Open up your ears to the new era of Japanese contemporary pop music.
We are proud to announce flau's first cd release Mirror Flake, is the beautiful debut album by the talented female artist cokiyu who hails from Ehime, Japan. As a vocalist, she participated in albums and live performances of aus. Mirror Flake sets a new standard in the genre of bedroom pop. The album instills soft-hearted shoegaze sounds into delicately beautiful melodies which are organically mixed with the graceful use of instruments like toy piano, music box, guitar (by ueda takayasu), and the gorgeous whispery voice of cokiyu that has sparkled in Curveland of aus. Mirror Flake is definitely a must have for the fans of Japanese pops.

This Edition is re-mastering version with bonus remixes from
Ametsub, Tyme. and Geskia (flau).

2007年にリリースされ、長らく廃盤となっていたcokiyuのデビューアルバム『Mirror Flake』。溢れんばかりのポップ・センスを女性らしい繊細な音使いで包み込んだベッドルーム・ポップの傑作として、広く国内外で支持されました。今回の再発に伴い、田辺玄(Water Water Camel)によるリマスタリングを施し、ボーナストラックとしてflauからGeskia、坂本龍一やmito(クラムボン)からも絶賛されるAmetsub、そしてMASのリーダーとして知られるヤマダタツヤによるTyme.によるリミックスを追加収録しています。

Press Quates


"Mirror Flake" is a sublime album to be enjoyed from beginning to end. Japanese electronic pop has never sounded so utterly charming. - Boomkat (album of the week!)


Sehr, sehr schöne Elektronika - De:Bug

Imagine Caroline pushed to an even dreamier and more entrancing degree and you'll have a fairly accurate impression of Mirror Flake's sound.
- Textura (top 25 of best album 2007!)


Un album paisible et lumineux, mignon tout plein, premier d’une liste que l’on souhaite longue dans le catalogue du label fraîchement né flau - Ondefixe

Mirror Flake's smooth liquidity of sound will instantly ring familiar and pleasant to listeners versed in contemporary computer-generated lounge - ink19


Mirror Flake is atmospheric and evocative, pretty and charming, much as one would expect. - cyclic defrost


Aérien, poétique, et sucré - Autres Directions

Cokiyu’s music rests snugly alongside the like of Piana, Gutevolk and at a stretch Caroline. - Signal To Noise


it offers an elegant kind of melancholia, which seems just right for urban reveries.
- Foxy Digitalis


Cradle music for stubborn adults. - perdidos

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