Part Timer

cat#: FLAU02
Release Date: Sepetember 21th,2007
mastering: Ryuta Mizukami (Motoro Faam)
artwork: TAKCOM





  • 01 Theme From Part Timer
  • 02 Unknown
  • 03 Four Timer (mix one)
  • 04 Hide All You Like
  • 05 Four Timer (mix two)
  • 06 Hens Teeth
  • 07 Somewhere That You Feel
  • 08 Sudden Loss
  • 09 Inside Ross' Memory
  • 10 Not So Firm Resolve
  • 11 Gentlemen Please
  • 12 Click It
  • 13 Samsa Cries In Thunder
  • 14 Closing The Opera House

As the second release from flau, and also the second album by Part Timer, Blue is unarguably a masterpiece of organic bedroom folk sounds for daily life. This luminous album is a collection of brand new tunes, a couple of remixes and some bits from the voluminous archives at McCaffrey HQ. His stunning click beats, and sublime warm melodies from acoustic guitar, beautifully exhibits the moteer's sound, with a polished touch of folk.
More elegant and pastoral than the melancholic sounds of his self-titled debut album, which was listed as one of favorite records of 2006 by The Pastels,Part Timer's Blue album features the fantastic Australian string quartet Fourplay,with its string instruments gorgeously instill weight and warmness into the already beautiful melodies. Also contributing to this album are the dreamy vocals of Nicola Hodgkinson (a.k.a. empress) and Andrew Johnson of The Remote Viewer.
Blue is where organic sounds and tranquil atmosphere drift together, gently blowing folkish breezes in between the summer leaves.Grab this now.


flauの第2弾リリースはThe Pastelsも認める新鋭Part Timerによる2ndアルバム。自身の妻danielleに捧げられたという本作には、盟友Remote ViewerのAndrew Johnson、Empressの歌姫Nicola Hodgkinsonに加え、地元オーストラリアが誇る人気ストリング・カルテットFourplayが全面参加。タイトル通り青く瑞々しく響くアコース ティック・ギターとバイオリンのフレーズ、繊細に舞う電子音が織りなす情感豊かなアンサンブルは、あのパステルズが昨年のベストアルバムの1つに選んだ前作を遥かに凌ぐクオリティーです。

Press Quotes

"Blue" is just a gorgeous album, produced with a singular musical vision that's impossible not to adore, layered with a plethora of homespun musical signatures that transcend any kind of laptop music you could think of, and housed in the kind of typically lavish Japanese packaging that makes it utterly irresistible. Gorgeous music - brought to you with a massive recommendation.-
Boomkat (album of the week!)

the sound of floating on a puffy white cloud through a crystal clear summer sky
- Aquarius Records

Hier sitzt alles perfekt...bei Part Timer macht das irgendwie Sinn, auch wenn es nur ein kleiner Aspekt dieser Platte ist. Einfach toll - De:Bug

beautifully meandering in between acoustic composition and delicate electronic tampering...gorgeous album - Lost In Autsin

"Blue" presents individual meditations on mood - nostalgia, to be specific
- Foxy Digitalis

The album exudes a coziness and warmth from cover to cover which will ease the listener into a soothing state of minds - The Silent Ballet


the organic and synthetic to summon up a mode that anticipates the current boom for all things folk - Norman Records

Superb stuff - Textura