Little Things

cat#: FLAU04
Release Date: March 18th,2008

artwork: TAKCOM


  • 01 Jasper Leyland - Worth Ash
  • 02 Rachael Dadd - Happiness
  • 03 Hood - This Year's First Storm
  • 04 Patten - Memory Pictures
  • 05 Hirono Nishiyama - World's End Fanfare
  • 06 Ethan Rose - Relations
  • 07 PoPoyans - Shukujitsu
  • 08 Part Timer - Only Natural
  • 09 F.S.Blumm meets Luca Fadda - Marcel & Maura
  • 10 Pan Am Scan - Rosa
  • 11 Radicalfashion - Happy End
  • 12 Marla Hansen - Shuffle Your Feet
  • 13 Cokiyu - Round in Fog
  • 14 Kira Kira -Happahrólfur Salísú (version)
  • 15 The Boats - There Are Tunnels Where We Live
  • 16 Lori Scacco - The Poles
  • 17 Dale Berning - Clicking
  • 18 aus / Iris Piers - Opened(video)

Everyday, there are little things happen around us that charm our lives. And today, we are going to charm your life with "Little Things", the first cd compilation by flau.
Beautifully themed as tiny homemade music made of breathtaking acoustics sounds, "Little Things" showcases works by brilliant local and foreign artists of new generation around the world. With the warm melodies that blossoming from the fresh sounds of many live musical instruments like guitars, pianos, music boxes, trumpet, glockenspiels and violins, this handmade music that uses these ordinary material and structure becomes miraculous here. "Little Things" ensembles most previous unreleased gems that portray the vivid moments of spring, ranging from innovative field-recordings, old style singer-songwriting to cutting edge electronics, stunning improvisation and gorgeous folktronica. All music-styles becomes equivalent through this compilation.
"Little Things" is about to fascinate you, as much as other little things that has enriched your life.  
And we say, it is these little things in life , that count.

『Little Things』はflau初のCDコンピレーション。ハンドメイドの小さな音楽をテーマに、国内外の人気アーティストが思い思いに解釈した、新世代のアコースティック・サウンドを収録しています。ギターやピアノ、オルゴールなどの生楽器から紡ぎ出される暖かい旋律が、春の鮮やかな息吹を感じさせる珠玉の 17曲(+enhanced video)。フィールド・レコーディングからソフト・フォーク、現代的なベッドルーム・サウンドまで、流麗な歌声と生音の響きが瑞々しく溶け合う楽曲の 数々が、ジャンルを超えてミックスされています。
今作には発売後すぐに完売となってしまった『Echod』よりHood、Lori Scaccoの楽曲に加え、Cokiyu. Part Timer, Dale Berningらflauのレーベルアーティストと、今後リリース予定のアーティストの楽曲も多数収録。レーベルサンプラーとしても楽しめる内容となっています。



Press Quates


A truly lovely piece of work, Little Things establishes a global network of international artists who all share in a similar musical vision, regardless of how different their respective approaches might be - Boomkat (album of the week!)


That surely sounds fine enough for an early sunday afternoon... 'Little Things' is a great compilation, and will be on the pile for the next time when waking up in a state of too much to drink and too little to sleep. - Vital Weekly


This compilation seems to sum up their aesthetic perfectly, featuring breathtaking music created from small, everyday acoustics, field recordings, and subtle electronics...repeated listens, a lot of the music on here is really fascinating...Little things may be easy to miss, but this album and label are worth finding. - Foxy Digitalis


'little things create perfection, and perfection is not a little thing.' Take into consideration this when you embrace the following release listening to versatile characters and worldwide mentalities, all joining one ambient feeling - a commitment to brittle beauties and warm arrangements. - Otsechka


It's like rubbing the crap out of eyes in the morning, satisfying. - Norman Records


Little things cast in soft focus, small textural gestures that express the equilibrium and fluctuations of a sleeping force...the album is a wholehearted success in its exhibition of and participation in a shared passion for all things slight and seldom seen. - Cyclic Defrost


the collection nevertheless leaves a strong cumulative impression - Textura


国内外の才能がアコースティックな箱庭トロニカを展開していて、ふわりと舞い上がる繊細な音風景には、どれもじんわりと素朴な人肌の温もりがある - Bounce


Akustische Flaschenpost von den Urenkeln von Virginia Astley: diese 18 Tracks (und das Video) sind einfach nur noch unglaublich in ihrem Charme, ihrer Magie und ihrer Fragilität. Derart sanfte und ruhige akustische Musik, die zu keiner Zeit in die Kitschsentimentalo-Falle fällt, habe ich lange nicht mehr gehört. Und dabei klingt jedes Stück auch noch uroriginell und einmalig. Aus diesem Wunderwerk entspringt Freude das ganze Jahr über. -
Terz Düsseldorf


Massive Compilation dieses mehr als sympathischen Labels aus Tokyo, das hier die Schnittmenge aus Electronika, Singer-Songwriter "ohne" Folkanschluss,schüchternem Pop und ein bisschen Experiment perfekt zusammenfasst - De:Bug


“Little Things" macht aus Elefanten Fliegen und packt die ganze Faszination, die einen aufgrund der plötzlich hereinbrechenden Schönheit der Welt erfassen kann, in winzige Soundgebilde, filigran wie ein Spinnennetz auf einem Reisfeld. - Titel Magazin