cat#: FLAU05
Release Date: May 29th,2008

artwork: TAKCOM


  • 01 Two Hour/Seahoses
  • 02 Were Saw
  • 03 We Are
  • 04 Three Days Trial
  • 05 Gate Musick
  • 06 Second Comming
  • 07 1977Ugly/2004IdealCopy
  • 08 Neo Gio
  • 09 Global Communication
  • 10 Right Lights
  • 11 Colony
  • 12 Fall Fall
  • 13 Over The Three Rainbows
  • 14 Windowpane Stencil
  • 15 Endrole

The stunning debut album by Geskia "Silent77",  is unquestionably a masterpiece of Japanese underground hip hop and breakbeats.
"Silent77" is hugely inspired by a picturesque setting sun that has been imprinted into Geskia's musical mind. The awe-inspiring magnitude of evening sun ray that covered a quiet town where the curtain of night was slowly falling down, is remarkably reproduced in Geskia's dazzling energized beats and noisy beautiful pad. Geskia, through his distinctive music style, beautifully reinterpreted, with strong heartfelt emotion, the silent speed and soundless energy that relayed by the overwhelming yellowish sunbeams and the contrasted loneliness of the little town. Many of these sophisticated inner feelings of human and complex musical interpretations are expressed precisely by mesmerizing programming skill possessed by Geskia, whom Dose-One spoke very highly of. As you will soon discover, "Silent 77" is a brilliant testimonial by Geskia, who is a '77er, that "silent" can be wildest loudness that evoke our feelings!

『Silent 77』は21世紀初頭から東京を中心に活動するアーティストGeskiaによるデビュー作。 斜陽が大きなインスピレーションとなっている今作では、強烈なダウン・ビートとノイジーな音使いによって、静かな街に沈みいく太陽の質量が表現されていま す。Dose-Oneもその才能を絶賛するという稀代のトラック・メイカーは、斜陽を夕暮れのつまらない感傷としてではなく、人の心に入り込み、街に多い 被さるような静けさを与えてくれる新たな具象として描き出しています。精緻なプログラミングから産み落とされたアンダーグラウンド・ヒップホップの恐るべ き傑作『Silent 77』。1977年生まれのGeskiaは、この作品を通して、"Silent"こそが私たちの感情を揺さぶる騒がしさであることを教えてくれます。


Press Quates

Silent 77 offers moments of genuine beauty, as wordless falsetto vocals intertwine with gently burbling keyboard lines and nestle against demure, soft focus beats.
- WIRE Magazine


A great sounding record of underground Japanese hip-hop - wearenotjournalists


advanced underground hip hop and post-IDM electronica...powerfully constructed elegance - Boomkat


“Silent 77” is a glorious slab of holy hip-hop, with beats and drones that will feed the head and the move the body. - Foxy Digitalis


compacted swirl of Boards of Canada-flavoured synth melodies and funky breakbeats...psychedelic boom-bap of Prefuse 73 and Anticon artist Odd Nosdam—though injected with a healthy dose of sweetener- Textura


...reminds me of Funkstorung and Plaid - Norman Records


Geskia stands among Minotaur Shock, Four Tet, Autechre, cLOUDDEAD and Boards of Canada as one of the leading artists in the alternative electronica genre...Top-notch post-production, worthy of comparison with 4AD releases, certainly gives an extra advantage to Silent 77 - No Ripcode


Silent 77 evinces a devil-may-care attitude that is more a considered artistic strategy than an impulsive, instant gratification in-itself. - Cyclic Defrost


O produtor japonês Geskia oferece em Silent 77 uma hora de breakbeats e hip hop alternativo sob a manta de uma electrónica pós-IDM que é uma autêntica obra-prima. A força desta música reside numa sobreposição densa e sofisticada de beats, que evoluem com elegância. O brilho da produção é comparável ao que de melhor apareceu em etiquetas como a Hefty ou a Merck, pelas programações de concepção arrojada e pela integração da melodia. - Distorsom


One is reminded of the more introspective work of Aphex Twin or Boards of Canada, and in some strange corners of the songs, the lush, symphonic havens of The Flaming Lips's instrumental works shine through, if fleetingly..."Silent 77" exhibits tremendous strength and comfort of voice, as well as a keen ear for melody and layering. This one's going to be tough to top - FiveEight


While using stereotyped aspects from a huge range of genre subsets, ranging from trance to folk, there is never any doubt that the pieces fit together perfectly. What would be more impressive would be to build the divine crescendos littering Silent77 from nothing. - The Silent Ballet


Et c'est bien là que le miracle apparaît, on tombe rapidement à genoux devant ce labyrinthe grandeur nature érigé par le maître de ces lieux. Une épopée mystico-transcendantale qui emprunte à ces mentors la capacité d'entrevoir des paysages fantasmagoriques avec une cohérence inouïe, sans jamais se perdre dans de quelconques travers obscurcissants. - Liability


Mostly warm and melodic there are times when it gets a little funkier, bring to mind Machine Drum - Smallfish


a delightful blend between downbeat styles found within the IDM scene and more of an abstract style found within electronic-oriented instrumental hip-hop acts a la Flying Lotus as well as trip-hop acts like Portishead, Hooverphonic, and The Atomica Project (5/5) - I Slept In These Clothes


研ぎ澄まされたメロディーワークは、エレクトロニカ、音響系という括りで 収めるのは勿体無いほどドラマティックで、普遍的な美しさを備えている。 - CRJ TOKYO






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No.1 CRJ-Tokyo & FUKUOKA Chart (Jun.8th, 2009)
review by Go Mag
review by Blow Up Magazine
review by Laif

review by Ritual