After All

cat#: FLAU09
Release Date: December 12th, 2008
Format: CD/Digital

artwork: TAKCOM


  • 01 Water Paintings
  • 02 Vertigo
  • 03 IHI
  • 04 Closed
  • 05 Autoland
  • 06 Fake Five
  • 07 Waltz
  • 08 Lovers
  • 09 Hero Of The Paper Boy (Motoro Faam Remix)
  • 10 Middle Most (Ametsub Remix)
  • 11 Urum (The World On Higher Downs Remix)

After the huge success of his previous albums "Lang" and "Curvelands", Yasuhiko Fukuzono (aka aus) quickly became one of the top electronic artists in Japan. And "After All" is his 6th album from his own label flau, following the highly acclaimed "Curveland" which was released on Moteer in 2007.
All the tracks are brand new based on the songs he made when he was a teenager.
The deep opening track produced by mondii (Spekk/Plop) with vocals by Sylvan Chauveau "Water Paintings" serves as a thick door to the following pleasant adventures of aus tracks featuring great guest artists from around the world such as Craig Tattersall (aka The Remote Viewer / The Boats), Lindsay Anderson (L'altra),
Andreas Berger (glim), Cokiyu, Geskia and Yukiko Okamoto. What's so special about this release among his others is that compared to his more electronic and instrumental based previous albums, most of the tracks in "After All" features vocals and the lyrics were also written by this artist which reveals his song writing skills. The album also includes 3 brilliant remixes by The World on Higher Downs, Motoro Faam and Ametsub.

flauのレーベルオーナーの一人であるYasuhiko Fukuzonoによるプロジェクトausの通算6作目。10代の頃に製作されたという楽曲を、親しい友人やアーティストの協力を得て再レコーディングし た本作は、これまでのaus作品にはみられなかった圧倒的な喪失感とカタルシスが同居する、耽美的な作品に仕上がっています。ゲストには海外から L'ALTRAのボーカリストLindsay Anderson、フランスの音楽家Sylvain Chauveau、The Remote Viewer/The Boatsの盟友Craig Tattersall、Andreas Berger、国内からはplop/spekk主宰のmondii、cokiyu、そしてGeskiaらが参加。海外での評価を高めた前作 『Curveland』の深淵な音世界を更に押し進め、ソングライターとしての資質を十二分に開花させた作品です。



Press Quates


Popmusic? Sure. Ambient? Why not? Technoish? Also. Dreampop?..Music For a modern living room - Vital Weekly


A very gentle and soothing album reminding us at time of Bjork and Mum - Norman Records


From retro electronica to a more contemporary minimalist sound and pretty much everything in between, this is a seriously gorgeous sounding work - Smallfish


staggering beat patterns and temperamental pulses...a fine expansion and reduction of Fukuzono's fragrant sound - Milk Factory


die Sonne auf und eine neue, unerwartete Lichtung tut sich auf und alles ist gut - De:Bug


exquisite, a must-listen for fans of forward-thinking ambient music, electronic tinkering and Japanese musicality - Earz Magazine


Successfully combining the fine art of contemporary ambient electronica techniques with neo-classical piano and strings, environmental sounds, and even elements of jazz, into delicate, crackly and multi-textured soundscapes - Adequancy


Fukuzono's sophisticated electronic pop has always been distinguished by its attention to detail and its exquisite sound design but After All pushes those qualities to a higher level, in large part due to the humanizing effect the vocal dimension brings to the material - Textura


il s’agit bien d’un nouvel exercice d’orfèvrerie, d’enluminure adaptée à une écoute rêveuse- Autres Directions


album consolidant la position d’aus dans le paysage musical électronique - EtherREAL


センシティヴな歌声が紡ぐたおやかなメロディーと、水泡のように淡く浮かんでは漂う透明感に満ちた電子音。静謐さのなかから美を抽出したかのように深遠な音世界の奥底では、ほのかな喪失感がたゆたっている。 - Bounce


Car voilà la surprise, après un début d'album 100% électronique , les morceaux suivants se voir,t agrémentéd d'une rythmique solide, d'une basse ronde, de voix soul, procurant une chaleur inédite sur les terres parfois gelées de l'électronique initiale. On pense alors à Lamb - Station Service