The One Two Bird And The Half Horse
Orla Wren

cat#: FLAU11
Release Date: April 7th 2009
Format: CD/Digital


  • 01 First Wooden Words
  • 02 Seven Papers Torn
  • 03 Tugboats And Railroads
  • 04 Two Note Winter
  • 05 Book Of Frost
  • 06 Words Of Finn
  • 07 The Fish And The Doll
  • 08 A Wren Coloured Fable
  • 09 33 Fainting Spells
  • 10 Some Tales Wait Shy
  • 11 The Unbowed Hand
  • 12 The First Born Daughter Of Water

The One Two Bird And The Half Horse' is the second album from Orla Wren. Recorded over the last two years in the environs of an isolated cold water cottage in the Scottish hills, it develops Tui’s happy obsession with rendering the minutiae of nature into sonic form, combining the oldest, wonkiest most organic of possible sound sources, instrumental or otherwise, fashioned into textures of pinprick detail. A wide array of stylistically disparate musical and vocal collaborators, from places as varied as Japan, the Georgian Republic and 'down-home' U.K., lend their weight to the process, alternately spooking and soothing the music, filtered through Tui’s “wires” into an intensely colorful democratic weave.

Orla Wren is a dream child. It’s surfaces may be brilliantly modern, but it’s soul is ancient and gently unfolds itself in a contemplative manner, revealing the antiquated isolation of the environments that have inspired it.

”It distils sublime wood smoke folk atmosphere and pointallist digitalis to the subatomic level, until it becomes effectively the same stuff that makes brooks babble and winds whisper. It’s the music that Fennez and Lau Nau might make after a night laying beneath the glittering constellations.”

Dave Sheppard

英国出身のアーティストOrla Wrenの2作目。アコーディオン、チェロ、オルゴール、鉄琴、シタール、ダルシマー、フルート、クラリネットなどの様々な古典楽器と、ラップトップによるプロセッシングが組み合わさった幻想的なサウンドスケープは、デビュー作からより深みを増し、まるで東欧の奥深い森の中から聞こえてきたような、不思議な魅力を持っています。
本アルバムの特徴として、多彩なボーカリストの参加が挙げられるでしょう。ポストMeredith Monkとして、現在世界中から注目を浴びている東欧の若手ボイス・パフォーマーRussudan Meipariani、フリー/即興シーンで活躍する英国出身のジャズ・シンガーJessica Constable、そして日本からSmile Down Upon Usのmoomloooなど。
「Lau NauとFenneszが出会ったようだ」とも評される繊細なサウンド・トリートメントと個性溢れる歌声が見事に組み合わさった、21世紀のクラシック・フォークです。
元SLOWDIVEのSimon Scott、State River Widening、Phelan/Sheppardのメンバーとして活躍するKeiron Phelanがゲスト参加。



Press Quates


an awakening, quite possibly unlike anything you’ve heard previously in your life, it provides twelve fleeting moments or perhaps timeless recitals captured and framed for posterity - Losing Today


a Kate Bush for the world of micro-minimal folktronica if you incredibly lovely listening experience and the sound of an artist stepping into his own unique musical identity. - Fluid Radio


modern tapestry of medieval values- Barcode Magazine


An excellent marriage between digital music and traditional folk music - Vital Weekly


the songs just sort of flow freely, with various acoustic instruments, clicky fuzzy laptop sounds, and female vocals in the mix. Quite lovely - Foxy Digitalis


an achingly lovely collection of waifish soundscapes and vaporous vocals - Boomkat


voir l’ombre de la fée - Delicious Sculpture


De purement instrumentale, la musique de l’Anglais a évolué vers une electronica chantée dans laquelle des voix féminines opèrent dans un parlé-chanté qui sied plutôt bien à la délicatesse timide de l’ensemble - EtherREAL


En pourvoyeur de musiques pour doux rêveurs, flaü continue son bonhomme de chemin, et Orla Wren l’y aide bien - Autres Directions