Red Rocket Telepathy

cat#: FLAU12
Release Date: July 2nd 2009
Format: CD/Digital


  • 01 From The Window On The Plane
  • 02 Summer Night Sketch
  • 03 Swimming In The Room
  • 04 Hate You
  • 05 Drawing Her Face On Me
  • 06 Simple Complication
  • 07 Strange Animal
  • 08 Airy Me
  • 09 Laundry
  • 10 Into The Future
  • 11 Dust Of Dreams

Finally, it is here. The much anticipated debut album by the multi-talented Cuushe, “Red Rocket Telepathy”.

Although “nostalgic” may be a word that most would use to describe this wonderful album of Cuushe, but her music is actually deeply rooted into the genre of dream pop….perhaps a much more broken type of dream pop.
Start right from the beginning of the album, the feathery voices of Cuushe float in between the cleverly placed electronics sounds and gracefully sampled noises and field-recordings, carrying out melodies after melodies that are truly sublime and captivating. These beautiful electro-infused dreamscapes may vaguely remind you of cokiyu, tujiko noriko or even Björk, but it is also an undeniable fact that in this album, Cuushe has crafted some of the most uniquely exquisite pop sounds that you can ever find in today’s indie music scene. Also in this album, Cuushe’s delicate lyrics that tell stories about daily life, about you and me, have further infused another layer of sensibility over the cutting-edge music. And to top it off, the magical touches by Yasuhiko Fukuzono (aka aus) in the mixing and treatment, make this album a truly superb listening experience.

Or in one word: irresistible...

京都出身の女性アーティストcuusheのデビューアルバム。日常と非日常を行き交うメランコリックなリリックを、抜群のメロディー・ センスで編み上げた確かな歌世界は、Cocteau TwinsやL'ALTRA、FISHMANSなどとも共通する不思議な魅力を生み出しています。ありふれた毎日から聴こえる、いくつもの音の断片をフィールド・レコーディングによって取り入れ、ノイズの中に潜む小さな夢を形にするような彼女の音楽。どうしようもなく続いていく私たちの日常を、拙くも透明感溢れる歌声で瑞々しく描き出した現代のドリーム・ポップです。


Press Quates


bizarre, unique trip down some blurred vision of "dream-pop" lane, showcasing some gorgeous, lilting ethereal vocals, wonky, woozy synths, slow trippy beats & laptop scrunch! - Norman Records (feeling exstatic!)


Cuushe is gradually cementing her place among the experimental elite – joining the likes of Grouper, Björk and Julianna Barwick - Bokah


Just a really wonderful, relaxing disc. - Foxy Digitalis


A most unusual and deeply beautiful album - Smallfish


You might even identify a touch of Cocteau Twins coming through during the blurry, weightless vocals and shimmering textures - Boomkat


sweetly transporting synthesizer melodies and wistful wordless vocals - Textura


Aérien, songeur et mignon tout plein. - Autres Directions



- 福島恵一、ULYSSES