cat#: FLAU13
Release Date: October 29th, 2009
Format: CD/Digital

artwork: TAKCOM


  • 01 Sun
  • 02 Innerroots
  • 03 Day Life Structure
  • 04 Ideal Copy
  • 05 Sunset Line Texture
  • 06 Silence Fiction
  • 07 Drawing Dawning
  • 08 Experimental Goddes
  • 09 Inside Out Night
  • 10 Silhouetteque
  • 11 Second Coming(Bracken Remix)
  • 12 Right Lights (Caural Remix)
  • 13 3days Trial (Lukid Remix)

Geskia is back!
The Tokyo-based breakbeats master, who released the critically acclaimed album "Silent 77", and received rave reviews from all over the world, is back with his latest EP "Eclipse 323".
This stunning EP is beautifully stamped with Geskiaユs signature break beats style, by combining various musical elements like laptop acoustic, psychedelic, shoegazing and glitch, and at the same time, infused with a lovely twist of trip-hop revival. These trademark sounds of Geskia create an "atmosphere of uncertainty, upsurge of sentiment, beautiful but yet decadent". This EP is indeed an awesome feast for all the fans of hip hop, breakbeats and IDM. And if you are into Flying Lotus, Chris Clark, this is definitely a must-have album for you.
To top if off, we have 3 superb remixes included inside this ep, which are contributed by some of the most important figures in the current breakbeats / hip hop scene, including: Caural - the famous hip hop / breakbeats artist from chocolate industries, Bracken - the project by Chris Adams (Hood) from anticon , and Lukid - the brilliant London-based young producer whose works have received praises from Herbert and Kode 9.

In "Eclipse 323", the future of underground hip hop is taking shape.

2008年に発表されたデビュー作『Silent 77』が、世界中のメディアから賞賛された日本が誇るブレイクビーツ・アーティストGeskia。All Apologies、Vongakuとしてのリリースを経て発表された今作は、昨今のアブストラクトHIP HOP、トリップ・ホップ・リヴァイヴァルの流れを意識しつつも、グリッヂ、シューゲイズ、サイケデリックといった様々な音楽的要素を統一した、これまで にないGeskia独自のスタイルを確立しています。不安感と高揚感、美しくも退廃的というアンビバレントな音響感覚は、神秘的でありながら、地球規模の天体観測というロマンチックな 一面を持つ皆既日食という、この作品タイトルに見事に現れています。

同時収録された リミキサーには、米chocolate industriesの人気ヒップホップ/ブレイクビーツ・アーティストCaural、同じく米anticonよりex-HoodのChris AdamsによるプロジェクトBracken、さらにHerbert, Kode 9から賞賛を受け、注目を浴びるロンドンの若きプロデューサーLukidが参加。



Press Quates


Eclipse 323 might be viewed as a midway point between glitchy, post-IDM micro-beats and the more contemporary, harder hitting sounds of current generation Warp artists like Clark, Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke. In production terms this is hugely enjoyable, full of complex, flowing beat designs and the level of detail is astonishing - Boomkat


Incredibly solid and groundbreaking music. Extremely refined music; very detailed and very polished. A diamond in a desert of sand. - I Slept In These Clothes


instrumental hip-hop devotees should find lots worth digging into here

- Textura


Geskia aurait pu se contenter de ça, le hip-hop "futuriste" et "sci-fi" connaissant actuellement de belles heures de gloire. Avec beaucoup de maîtrise technique et ne souffrant jamais d'excès dans la superposition, ce japonais parvient aisément à insérer de cristallines sonorités acoustiques et des phases superbement lugubres qui rappellent le trip-hop du début des 90's. - Chroniques électroniques


kind of funky electronica which veers from yr melodic electronica to some more awkward hip hop inspired beaty moments like Flying Lotus, Clark, Funkstorung

- Norman Records


it feels like stepping back in time, yet remaining firmly in the ‘now’ as well - Smallfish