Love Loops

cat#: FLAU15
Release Date: December.16th.2009


  • 01. This Is How You Spell Almanac
  • 02. Reykjavik
  • 03. Prospect Park
  • 04. Mangoes And Sticky Rice
  • 05. Your Body Was Like A Jungle Aflame
  • 06. Kona
  • 07. First Day Back From Brooklyn/Fingers Through Your Hair
  • 08. Amsterdam
  • 09. Sunset In Your Mother's Garden
  • 10. Ikebana
  • 11. Love Loop
  • 12. Eat The Moon
  • 13. Poems
  • 14. Watching Josi Die
  • 15. Texas Heart

“Love Loops” is a minimal acoustic masterpiece crafted by the talented multi-instrumentalist, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, who based in San Francisco, and is also a core member of several bands like Tarentel, The Alps, The Holy See and many more.

In 2000, after a much needed break from his tour schedule with Tarental, Jefre felt that it was the right time for him to walk the path of solo music making. And this has lead to the forming of Colophon, the solo moniker of Jefre Cantu-Ledesma.

In 2003, Jefre’s unarguably masterpiece in minimal acoustic music, “Love Loops”, was released by the wonderful Temporary Residence label, as part of their mail order only series, Travels In Constance. (Other distinguished artists previously released under the same series include Mogwai, LOW, Papa M, Sonn and etc). Not long after the release, as everybody expected, the album was sold out and out of print, for as long as we can remember …until now.

Therefore, one can imagine how delighted we are to have this opportunity to reissue this minimal acoustic music masterpiece again. As reflected in the cover photo of the album, this is an album that is full of passionate feelings, which carefully wrapped within one’s most intimate moments. Delicate sounds and melancholic melodies, “Love Loops” is conceptualized with 15 loops collections, all with shimmering abstract colors and overflowing sentimental emotion.

In this reissue edition, we are delighted to include 3 breathtaking bonus tracks, including the amazingly beautiful minimal drone track, "Texas Heat". This album, perhaps, is the most comprehensive collection of Colophon's works.


Tarentel、The Alpsなどのメンバーとして、またサンフランシスコの人気レコード・レーベルRoots StrataのオーナーでもあるJefre Cantu-Ledesmaが、Colophon名義で2004年にTemporary Residence Ltdよりメールオーダーのみでリリース、即完売となった名作『Love Loops』。
表題通り、アルバムの楽曲は15のミニマルなループ・ミュージックから構成されています。ギターによってつま弾かれるメランコリック且つ繊細なトーン、ピ アノや古いレコードから生成された有機的なドローンは穏やかでありながら、時に激しく聴き手のノスタルジーを喚起します。当時実験が繰り返されたラップ トップ・プロセッシングやテープ・ループの技法が大胆に導入されながらも、他の作品には見られないロマンチックでパーソナルな一面を見ることができます。
今回のリイシューにあたり、colophon名義で2004年にMusic Fellowshipからリリースされた『Conduction. Convection. Radiation.』より、ピアノ・プロセッシングの秀作"Wathing Josi Die"及びドローン大作"Texas Heart"を追加収録。Colophon名義によるほぼ全ての楽曲が網羅された集大成的な作品です。



Press Quates


Love Loops has come to be regarded as something of a classic...making a welcome return to wider circulation - Boomkat


best non-2012 music i discovered in 2012...such a great records -
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, Pitchfork


"Love Loops" is a quite impressive and convincing album, and seven years after its first release we can now presume it is something like a classic to keep preciously. - Devics


reminiscent of William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops - Foxy Digitalis