Between the Lines
Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven

cat#: FLAU21
Release Date:
Japan -May.18th.2011 / Overseas -Aug.27th.2011
Format: CD/Digital


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  • 01 Leaving Valparaiso
  • 02 Falling Star 1
  • 03 Falling Star 2
  • 04 Falling Star 3
  • 05 Falling star 4
  • 06 Gus
  • 07 Lost Paradise
  • 08 Northern lights
  • 09 Moon Smile
  • 10 Toinou
  • 11 A Kiss by the Sea
  • 12 Between the Lines
  • 13 Dust's Hope

For nearly 15 years, I’ve been collecting music in my drawers. Bits of melodies, half-finished pieces, a few chords thrown hastily onto a sheet of paper. It was necessary for someone at the other end of the world (for Belgium, Japan is at the other end of the world) to ask me to release a CD there, for me to put together all these musical bits and pieces and give them, at last, a shape and a face. If this music has been in my drawers for so long, it may be because here in Belgium, I didn’t know where it belonged. Not jazz, nor what one may call contemporary music, nor pop, nor chanson… Maybe a bit of everything, maybe something else. It seems to me that by releasing a CD so far from home, these questions would be allowed to fade and that it would be enough to say that it is all simply music, my music.

More precisely, this is the music which comes to me most effortlessly.
At the risk of giving in to certain clichés, I must say that this is the music which comes to me as I am walking down the street, or absent-mindedly driving in my car. Music which surfaces naturally, without being summoned. And it is so irresistible, because it brings me back to my adolescence, and even my childhood, during which I have had the good fortune of being swept away by music, which was a living part of me, haunting me, relentlessly calling upon me. At the time I was not aware that to live thus, in a world filled with sounds, was extraordinary. I believed it to be the norm. Later, adulthood attempts to persuade us that reality is altogether something far more serious.
Today, it is this music which has become a stronghold against the commonplace banal reality of the world.

This is why this album may very well be the most personal I have ever made. Because it reaches what is most natural within myself. It springs from my oldest emotions, the most mysterious, the most unconscious ones.
Although recorded with a certain urgency, a great calmness seems to emanate from this music. Much like the pervasive longing for a lost world to which music allows, from time to time, an entrance, a door to an elsewhere which remains forever elusive. This music attempts to grasp behind the world’s façade something else, which our grown-up eyes can no longer see. It attempts to read between the lines what is not said but which we can perceive if only we know how to listen.

Between the lines…

Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven

Between the lines



これらの音楽がずっと引き出しの中にあったのは、ここベルギーで、それらをどのケースに入れればいいか分からなかったためだろう。ジャズでなければ、現代音楽と呼ばれるものでもなく、かと言って、ポップスや歌でもない…。多分それらのすべてであり、他のものかもしれなかった。遠い所でCDを出すことになっ た時、これらの疑問は消え失せて、それは単に音楽、僕の音楽であって、それでいいように思われた。


月並みな表現になることを恐れずに言うと、これらはまさに道を歩いているとき、何も考えずに車を運転しているとき、自分の中に浮かんでくる音楽、誰に頼まれることなく自然に生まれてくる音楽なのだ。そして、それは抵抗しがたいものだ。なぜなら、それは、僕を少年時代、あるいは子供時代にまで連れ戻すものだからだ。子供の時、僕は幸運なことに、自分の中に宿り、取り付き、僕を訪ねてくる音楽がずっと身近にあった。その当時は、音で満たされた世界に生きること が幸運であることに気づいていなかった。大人になると、僕たちは、現実はもっと重大なんだと知らされる。



レコーディングの際、時間に余裕がなかったにもかかわらず、これらの音楽からは静けさが漂う。音楽が時々僕たちを導いてくれたり、ドアを開けてくれたりす る、僕たちには行きたくてもいけないどこか、そんな失った世界の懐かしさのように。これらの音楽は世界の外観の影の、大人の目には見えなくなってしまった ものを見せようとしたり、僕たちが気づくけれども口に出されることのない行の間にあるものを読ませようとする。もしそれを聞くことができれば。

Between the lines…

Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven


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