MayMay E.P.

cat#: FLAU24
Release Date:
Japan -January.18th.2012
Europe/USA -April.16th.2012
Format: CD/Digital

artwork: Tomoyo Kawase
design: AOKI,hayato


  • 01 Born A Fable
  • 02 All Is Still
  • 03 Ashes Rise
  • 04 May Month
  • 05 If it Remains Light

MayMay's self-titled E.P. is a collection of 5 songs, written on a tattered lawn chair in the backyard.

Recorded during the fall and winter of 2008 in Portland, Oregon, MayMay's E.P. tells us a history through the sounds of fingerpicked nylon guitars, haunting vocal melodies and beautifully crafted string arrangements. With quietude and warmth, Laurel's compositions flow full of emotivity and a natural sense of restraint. The music of MayMay transports us to a world in which we can dive to the bottom of the sea, ignoring the pressure of the water above us.

MayMayの初めての作品は、裏庭にある古びた椅子の上で書かれた5曲の歌のコレクションです。どこか憂いを帯びたLaurel Simmonsの歌声、Heather Woods Broderickによる爽やかなコーラスが伝える印象的なメロディー、美しく巧みに作られたストリングス、フィンガー・ピッキングで奏でられるナイロン・ギターの調べ。
まるで5月のそよ風のように優しく、そして暖かく奏でられる楽曲に、私たちは儚さの中にある小さな光を見ることでしょう。Tara Jane O'NeilやIda、Julie Doironらの系譜に並ぶようなタイムレスな魅力を持ったインディー・バンドの登場です。

Press Quates


delicate in the process of being crushed, recorded in a single take with birds in the background, gliding in on a breeze and leaving soon on another. The FADER


minimal, twinkly affairs with lush but spacious arrangements and fragile, basic melodies that remind me a little of Tenniscoats or Heather Broderick - Norman Records


She has a pretty unique gift with her song structures, creating very melodic poetry on top of some acoustic ballads - EARMILK


engaging collection of gentle songs…shades of fellow Pacific northwesterner Laura Veirs - For Folk's Sake


enchanting self-titled EP nevertheless makes a strong impression...Simmons' pastoral folk songs breathe with a quiet and natural warmth that makes them feel as if they were recorded on a late summer afternoon in her backyard. - Textura


This is what can best be described as an arty mix of traditional tunes and styles with a contemporary infusion. - FAME Magazine


Snow Patrol songs burned into my memory that I’d be happy to replace with the death-howls of orphans being dissolved alive in acid. And like a warm breeze passing your face on a deckchair, while you’re in it’s moment, this EP is a simple, easy, uncomplicated little thing of joy - Shout4Music


there’s something reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel about the way the melodies are set and the harmonies woven. Elegant and graceful, it’s not about high drama, but poise and sincerity. - Whisperin and Hollerin


The EP simply put is five minimal, spacious tracks that will make your heartstrings flutter, Laurel's voice is soft, pure and angelic, accompanied throughout by sparse and fragile melodies built around gently plucked guitar, elegant strings and downbeat percussion -


Atmosfere intime e vellutate, come quelle di una Tara Jane O’Neil priva di spigoli, per una piccola e preziosissima rivelazione - Music Wont's Save You