cat#: FLAU27
Release Date: Japan -May 23th.2012 Europe/USA -July 30th 2012

mastering:Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare/Pendle Coven)
artwork: Hiroshi Sato


  • 01 Border
    02 Compound
    03 Tsukiatari Hidari
    04 Reg
    05 Storyteller
    06 Reg 2
    07 How Far Can This Boat Go Out To Sea In Miles
    08 Tou Mei
    09 Sai
    10 Tokeidai.....
    11 Unknown Story
    12 X
    13 Wakaru
    14 BRD
    15 Toeing
    16 See Saw

Finally we are pleased to announce Kyoto based beatmaker Madegg's new album Tempera. The 19 year old artist is a conspicuous presence in the beat/dubstep scene in Japan. He made this album in his bedroom while he was cut-off from any outside distractions like music, internet, and information.
The album inspired by tempera, a fast-drying, painting medium, features cutting edge beat-music that mixed ground accumulated melancholic sounds. Layered, tricky beat production runs out from the usual characteristics of his work along a more temporal axis. Post-dubstep, electronica, breakbeats, wonky, hip-hop, and experimental, he digests several music styles. His mind and music are like a delightful sponge absorbing sounds and textures. He presents us with something original and unique and there is definitely more to come from this amazing artist.

We feel this is only the forefront and that this is the birth of a new talent and generation.

RIYL: Matthewdavid, Tokimonsta, Ras-G, Nosaj Thing, Brainfeeder, Leaving Records


自身のベッドルームに籠って作られたという本作は、タイトルともなっている1500年以前の絵画技法であるTemperaのイメージからインスパイアさ れ、細かく積み重ねられたメランコリックな音のレイヤー、独特の時間軸から繰り出されるトリッキーなリズム・プロダクションが交差する、先鋭的なビート・ ミュージックとなっています。

楽曲データにアクセスするダウンロードURLとパスワードをTシャツというユニークな媒体にプリント・パッケージ。 デザインを手がけたのは人気ブランドALOYEでも活躍する佐藤寛。

Press Quates


Exquisite fine detail accumulates around beats which seem to emerge completely naturally from low-down sub-tones. Everything wraps itself around you, coming from all directions, whispering in your ear and tickling you in places you didn’t know existed. - Mixmag (Album Of The Month!)


Tempera is unlikely to go mainstream but for beat-enthusiasts and those that appreciate the complexity in what, to others may seem simple, even boring, this album is heavenly. - The Pigeon Note


Madegg seems to coat everything he does in stardust, with a playful spirit that shines brightly through his sparse arrangements. - LiveForTheFunk


Rest assured, this isn't pop, at times it is barely even music at all, but those that relish listening to Aphex Twin will surely get a kick out of this as it tugs at the ethereal soundscaping you would expect of Sigurd Ros, tumbling both influences over in some kind of Twin Peaks-esque nightmarish delirium.
- Glasswerk Magazine


a bit too much of a good thing…an excellent soundtrack for the early morning, the kind of soul-cleansing music that washes over you and helps ready you for the day’s challenges - Textura


It's a bright and accessible album with strong melodies and enough variety to coax listeners back into its world for further listens. - Shout4Music


Tempera sounds a lot like Flying Lotus' downtempo grooves, the hush and hum of warm analog synths evoking the kind of nostalgia only possible in the midst of exponential technological progress; the kind that looks back on Boards of Canada as the "historical" past. - InYourSpeakers