The Language Of Flowers
Twigs & Yarn

cat#: FLAU28
Release Date:
Japan -August.22th.2012
Europe/USA -October 24th 2012
Format: LP/CD/Digital

mastering: Nick Zammuto (The Books/Zammuto)


  • 01 Laverne
  • 02 Static Rowing
  • 03 If I Were an Artery
  • 04 Conscious Strings
  • 05 Mermaid Wetness
  • 06 An Honest Moment
  • 07 Rosy Cheeked Pumpkin
  • 08 Bristle of Mundane
  • 09 Flowers Thirsty
  • 10 Marigold Ride
  • 11 Strings of Complacency
  • 12 Learning to Glisten

THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS is the debut LP from Texas born artists Twigs & Yarn. It is an intimate story pieced together between continents and bedrooms, a collage of musical messages assembled from traditional instruments, found objects, lonely nights, paper cups and trembling voices. The songs range from simple improvisations to meticulously arranged soundscapes, with subtle textures and melodies held together by a drowsy ambience and fuzz that will leave you sleepy-eyed and dreaming. The album was beautifully mastered by Nick Zammuto (The Books, Zammuto).

Recorded during a yearlong separation, the music embraces the discovery of sharing sounds from across the sea through ftp servers and email. Utilizing lo-fi recorders, homemade microphones, looping pedals and layered vocals, the songs developed slowly from the random joining of sound clips never intended for each other, creating beautiful unexpected moments.

Many of the sounds for the album were recorded by Lauren McMurray while living in Japan: radio frequencies, people talking on the streets, temple bells, and quiet vocals hummed into coffee tins in the dead of night. Her voice is ethereal and strange, and she uses it to create a texture of sounds from dreamy whispers to full choruses. The final compositions were augmented and stitched together by Stephen Orsak using guitars, electronics, field recordings and sequencers. Floating across the sea, changing forms, and taking us to an unknown place, The Language of Flowers is a soundtrack for nostalgic dreams.

Twigs & Yarn is Stephen Orsak and Lauren McMurray.


I fell in love - Nick Zammuto (The Books / Zammuto)



テキサス出身の二人組Twigs & Yarnのファーストアルバム。このアルバムは2つの大陸とベッドルームを越えて一つにまとめられた深い物語であり、一般的な楽器だけでなく自然物、孤独 な夜、紙コップや震える声などの音楽的なメッセージを集めて作られたコラージュ作品です。収録された曲はシンプルな即興的なものから、緻密にアレンジされ たサウンドスケープまで様々で、どの曲も眠気を誘い、夢の世界へ連れて行ってくれるようなアンビエンスとファズを持った、魅力的な小さな音とメロディーか らできています。

メンバーのStephen OrsakとLauren McMurrayは約一年間日本とアメリカで離れて暮らしながらも、ftpサーバーとe-mailを通じてこの作品を完成させました。アナログレコー ダー、自作のマイク、ループペダルなどを使って作られた音。そして幾重にも重ねて録音された声。これらもともと意図的でない、ばらばらな音の断片であり、 ゆっくりと時間をかけて合わさっていくことによって、美しい瞬間が訪れ、楽曲として完成していきました。

Lauren McMurrayは日本に住んでいる間に様々な音を録音しています。それはラジオの電波、街中で人が電話で話す声、お寺の鐘、真夜中の缶コーヒーに向かっ てハミングされた静かな声など。Laurenの声は空気のように軽く、優美で個性的で、彼女はその声をドリーミーなウィスパーボイスとして時に使うこと で、Twigs & Yarnの音に暖かな質感を与えています。Stephen Orsakがギター、電子楽器、フィールド・レコーディング、そしてコンピューターを使い、最終的に音を一つにまとめて楽曲は完成しました。

音は海を越え、揺るように浮かび、形を変え、私たちを誰も知らない場所へと連れて行きます。『The Language of Flowers』はノスタルジックな夢のサウンドトラックなのかもしれません。


Press Quates


it’s quiet and seriously intimate, but the feeling of distance is there -


An ethereal, ambient affair with soothing guitar loops and layers of soft, tender moans drifting ever so gently on a cloud of hypnagogic textures washed in seas of static. The wonderful languid atmosphere will have you dreaming of all things beautiful - Music For The Masses


this album would be the ideal soundtrack to lying on your back in a rowing boat with the sun and shadows playing across half-closed eyes on a Sunday afternoon – blissful, peaceful and dreamlike - Fluid Radio


The Language of Flowers is like rotating a radio tuning knob late at night, or peering into a window overlooking a secret garden, or ephemeral visions in a dream - Wajobu


アコースティックな音への視座やアナログな揺らぎのある質感。夢見心地な極上のチルアウト・ミュージック - Intoxicate


We’re going round the merry-go-round” simply the freedom and innocence of childhood in a way that contrasts with the sadness of McMurray’s delivery of them, and that thus bears a multitude of interpretations. In this one line, you can hear a melancholic lamenting of the lost past, or perhaps even of remembering a past that is in itself characterised by darkness and melancholy. - The Channel Circle


pour autant, son écoute raffermira assurément les âmes en ces périodes hivernales - EtherREAL


sans le savoir nous venons de découvrir un jardin secret, un Eden inattendu et surgissant enfin là sous nos yeux…Un dosage délicieux entre Ametsub pour la strucuture des glitchs très variés, The Green Kingdom pour l’aspect folk minimal et The Boats pour ce côté classe empreint de quiétude - Electronic Diary