Sweet Mello Cat
Liz Christine

cat#: FLAU29
Release Date:
Japan -September.12th.2012
Europe/USA -December 4th 2013



  • 01 Girl's Band
    02 Dinah
    03 Pour Cecile
    04 Green Eyes Girl (Sweet Mellow Version)
    05 Pour Jeanne
    06 Rain
    07 Holiday
    08 Le Chat Noir
    09 Or Ten Pills at Three O'Clock
    10 Two Seconds
    11 Love Affair
    12 Erva Doce
    13 C Caterina
    14 You Gotta Be Blonde
    15 Para El Placer

Sweet Mellow Cat is a nicely arrenged showcase of liz christine's work over the last few years. subtle and delicate, sometimes vergin' on the abstract yet still instinctively melodic, her music is in fact a kind of sound-movie, or audio-text, constructed from a personal sound vocabulary and syntaxe developed by and for herself, where each sample has it's own place on the narrative structure. Usually assisted by f s torres (aka kkfs) or the mysteriuos madamme f, Liz is basically using her own obsession (movies, old jazz divas and, of course, cats) to build sound-sculpture-books.

flauの第一弾コンピレーション『Echod』に参加後、ドイツの人気レーベルMonika Enterpriseの名作コンピレーション『4 WOMENS NO CRY』にJulia Holterと共に選ばれ、注目を集めたブラジル・リオデジャネイロの若き女性アーティストLiz Christineが、5年もの沈黙を経て突如ドロップしたファーストアルバム。リオのレコードショップから集められた得体の知れないムード音楽、映画のサウンドトラック、ラウンジミュージックをターンテーブルに乗せ、愛猫4匹の歌声と共にミックス/カットアップした、どこかトロピカルでストレンジな摩訶不思議サウンドコラージュ。The Focus Group、Ghost Box〜Trunk, Finders Keepers、People Like Usなどのライブラリー・ミュージック、実験音響、ドローン、そして猫を愛する全ての音楽ファンに。

Press Quates

a hugely cinematic feel containing various ambient textures, akin to Julia Holter...if you like cats, listen to the track - The 405


Whether she’s making delicate miniatures or building entire worlds, she blends and loops with a deft hand and a wide-eyed glee - FACT Magazine


The album has a strange otherworldly feel to it. Listening to this feels like I’m listening to the soundtrack of a deranged child’s mind. There is something beautiful and insanely special about this release though and despite the fact it’s 15 tracks full of strange sounds and arrangements it’s eminently listenable and probably the best thing I’ve heard on the label. Utterly delightful! - Norman Records (5 STARS!)


constantly-shifting dream logic…With a creepy humour similar to People Like Us and Nurse With Wound’s Sylvie and Babs…headphones recommended, strange dreams await you later in the night - Liminal


full of intricately rendered, cleverly sampled pieces, as divine as they are inscrutable - Wears The Trousers


Working together as one complete album, this is a disc you can put on and let wash over you, the sounds within throwing you a new suprise every time - Terrascope


strangely weird music indeed - Vital Weekly


A dedicated Liz Christine LP is a rarity. Before this release you’d have to dig deep to find her sculpted audio passages on a miscellaneous spread of compilations and projects. Now you can finally lose yourself for a full hour in her beguiling swathed imagined worlds - God Is In The TV


the arpeggiating melody of ‘Green Eyes Girl’ is a particular highlight, and the eyebrow-raising ‘C Christine’, which brings together cut-up samples, a simple string melody and wonderful orchestral flourishes, is a rather dazzling piece of work - Shout4Music


Sweet Mellow Cat is irresistible music, and just as easy to fall in love with as those pleading, heart-melting eyes - A Closer Listen


Exploratory and romantic collage with a feline core - ATTN: Magazine


Cuddly, soft focused and fuzzy round the edges, it climbs into your lap to nuzzle and warm your heart like a favorite calico while playing with your imagination until it unravels like a ball of yarn. It’s one of the loveliest things released by a label - Igloo Magazine


サンプリングされた音源はおそらくブラジルのレコード屋にはありふれていて、エサ箱に転がっているようなものだろうけども、そのレコード盤には制作者や、そのレコードを部屋で鳴らしていたかつての所有者の生活の記憶が、絶対に息づいているわけで、それらを蘇らせて、繋ぎ合わせて、新しい音を作り上 げてしまう…そう、とにかくこれは美しい音楽だ。 - 青春ゾンビ