cat#: FLAU33
Release Date:
Japan - March.13th.2013
Europe/USA - June 10th 2013
Format: CD/Digital

mastering: Taylor Deupree
artwork: Sylvain Chauveau & mondii


  • 01. Soñando 1
  • 02. Soñando 2
  • 03. Soñando 3
  • 04. Soñando 4
  • 05. Soñando 5
  • 06. Soñando 6
  • 07. Soñando 7

0 is a french band directed by Stéphane Garin (percussion), Joël Merah (acoustic guitar) and Sylvain Chauveau (acoustic guitar, glockenspiel), whose line-up can change for each project with the addition of regular guests. The trio of Merah, Garin and Chauveau have spend two years composing, recording and mixing the seven pieces of the Soñando album (dreaming in Spanish).This chamber folk suite is entirely played with acoustic instruments (guitar, glockenspiel) and small pieces of metal collected by Stéphane Garin for their special sound and tuning. In quiet spaces, this repertoire can even be performed without any microphone or amplification.
The result looks like an original mix of rhythmic patterns assembled togetehr like the pieces of a puzzle.

昨年の来日も記憶に新しいフランスのアーティストSylvain Chauveauが新たに結成したコレクティブ、0(ゼロ)。武満徹作曲賞を受賞した若手現代作曲家Joël Merah、パリ管弦楽団のパーカッション奏者Stéphane Garinというフランスの現代音楽シーンの才能が集結、2年の歳月をかけて完成した室内楽曲集です。スペイン語で「dreaming」を意味するこのア ルバムは、ミニマルに爪弾かれるアコースティック・ギター、グロッケンシュピールの細やかなフレーズ、様々な打楽器がまるでパズルのピースのように繊細に 組合わさった静謐なミニマル・フォーク・サウンド。淡くメランコリックな旋律と滑らかな音のテクスチャは、確かな普遍性を獲得しています。

Press Quates


It is as if what had been retained from the band’s adventures with Cage et al is a certain openness - Fluid Radio


Within the constant mobility of 0, Chauveau, Merah and Garin have given us a heartwarming collection of nice pieces that overlap the outer rumor, slowing the copioso movement of sounds with the sprout of fragile notes, which allows the flourishing of the  acoustic noise of the organic shades - Hawái


a dream-like soundtracky feel which reminds me a little of The Kramford Look but with relaxed, organic shades of Jose Gonzalez or Ralfe Band...Thoroughly enjoyable and impeccably tasteful stuff, treading that thin line between arty minimalism and head-nodding accessibility - Norman Records


…Diese Musik ist einfach da, benötigt keinen Überbau, keine Theorien, keine Erklärungen. Das ist wie Lagerfeuermusik in gut, wie Pop-Improvisationen in klein, wie ein Gegenentwurf zu allem Lauten und Schreienden - Jazzthetik


Each of these seven pieces hangs like a wind chime, tethered above low frequencies as delicate formations of metallic resonance, swaying and clanging as acoustic melody is threaded gently through the bars…into a single cocoon of deep, solitary introspection. - ATTN: Magazine


two glockenspiels sound great, and tinkle nice away, such as the acoustic guitar...Very nice - Vital Weekly


De Fransen weten een breekbaar, speels en toch verstild geheel neer te zetten waar je enkel bij weg kunt dromen. Typische muziek die prima op het Japanse Flau records past. De akoestische pareltjes van dit ensemble zijn echt van een andere wereld - Subjectivisten


L’ensemble semble même, au fur et à mesure du déroulé de l’album, prendre de la consistance jusqu’à parvenir au bout de la demi-heure que compte le long-format, sur un morceau caudal où toutes les composantes (guitares, Glockenspiel, pièces de métal) sont réunies dans une apothéose. - EtherREAL