Light in August
Danny Norbury

cat#: FLAU39
Release Date: Japan - December 8th.2013 / Europe & USA - April 14th, 2014
Format: CD/Digital


  • 01 The Morning Star
    02 Small Field
    03 All the Stars Are out Tonight
    04 Love Woke Me Up
    05 Aspen Trees
    06 Interlude
    07 I Turn off the Last Light and Close the Door
    08 Light in August
    09 This Night Is for You and for Me
    10 The Evening Star
    11 Good Night
    12 Speak, Memory
    13 From The Lookout
    14 Hoarfrost
    15 Pedal
    16 1983
    17 Lullaby
    18 Fragment 2

My friend Danny Norbury has been sending me his songs for quite some time now. One day, I was around at Alice and Andrew's house and decided they might be excited to hear one of his songs. I then proceeded to play them 'The Evening Star' through my very naff mobile phone. Ever since that moment, they were eager to meet him and get involved with putting out this magical and deeply moving album. It is quite astounding that one person can commit to tape such magical moments in time.


Since knowing Danny, I have spent many days with him and his collection of music, films and books. Over the years I have enjoyed his wonderful passion for cooking, and we have shared many a bottle of plonk along the way. This music is an honest, delicate and moving collection of his most recent works; gracious sounds that evoke the scent of mist and charred wood. Writing this, thousands of miles away in the Rocky Mountains with a blanket of dew settling upon my morning ears, I feel glad that this music is being released into the world. Time spent with Danny and his songs will be tearful moments in your busy lives. A personal reminder to savour the light you have left.


Tearful crescendos stream up and up. Cold rain comes and goes. Ticks time pendulum 33/3.


- Michael Holland, June 1st, 2009



For me the urge to write music happens very rarely, and the desire to record what has been written is rarer still. Listening to these pieces now is like rereading an old diary - feelings of wonder, of sadness, of excitement, of falling in love.
A recording is a document, and certainly for me this music is a memory of a time that has passed. I am happy it is getting a second life on Flau!

- Danny Norbury


In this reissue edition, we are delighted to include gorgeous bonus tracks, including his first ep 'Dusk' (from Static Caravan, 2006) and closing track 'Fragment 2' (from 'Bluebeard' Wist Rec, 2012).

The Boats、Nancy Elizabeth、aus、Rafael Anton Irisarri、Library Tapesなどの作品やライヴで名脇役として活躍している英マンチェスターの名チェリストDanny Norburyの2009年のデビュー・アルバム『Light In August』。Danny Norburyの自宅で録音された本作は、ウィリアム・フォークナーの同名小説から取られたタイトル通り、人との触れ合いと孤独感の間を揺れ動く様を、狂おしい程に心を締め付ける美しい旋律で綴ったパーソナルな空気感に満ち溢れています。夜空の星にまで届くかのように伸びやかに響く優美なチェロと、インティメイトなアップライト・ピアノの調べ。一度触れれば壊れそうな程の繊細さと儚さに彩られた名作です。


ボーナストラックとして、Robag Wruhmeがkompaktからリリースした名ミックス『Wuppedeckmischmampflow』でも冒頭で使われた名曲「Speak Memory」他、Static Caravanから2007年にリリースされ、即廃盤となった幻のファースト・ミニアルバム『Dusk』を丸ごと収録。『Light In August』の初回盤にボーナストラックとして収録されていた「Goodnight」、Wist Recからリリースされた「Fragment 2」のレアトラック2曲の計8曲を初CD化しています。





Press Quates


Amazing record, full of spirit, patience and beauty. One of the best releases of last year by a country mile. - Norman Records


Every note. Every moment. Important. I feel like I need to listen to this record over and over and over. Let it seep into every pore. It’s stunning. It really is. It lingers in your brain. Each subtle piano note delicately sprinkled beautifully throughout. Each lush cello piece. Sweeping strings. - TheSteinbergPrinciple


“Light in August”  is just breathtaking wonderful. Highly recommended! -

Digital in Berlin


it remains a gift of the really gifted to share with us their music which at times renders you speechless and practically in tears - Soundscraping


This incredible full-length, Light In August, finds Norbury assuming the role of a one-man ensemble, spinning a collection of understated string and piano elegies harnessing an incredibly intimate cinematic quality..Utterly sublime - Boomkat


A warm, yet heart-breakingly beautiful album of cello pieces accompanied by sparse piano swells up out of the silence besetting it and dies away in the twilight with such ease that it seems next to breathing for Norbury - The Intricate Mess


チェロの音色がまどろみの世界へ誘い、全編を彩るピアノはガラスのごとく繊細で儚い - DISK UNION