cat#: FLAU43
Release Date: August 6th 2014
Format: CD/Digital



  • 01 bell guitar
    02 ruoho
    03 tokyo
    04 siksy
    05 harutsugedori
    06 driftwood
    07 flower stamp
    08 windwijzer
    09 haimidori
    10 michiyuki
    11 vihrea
    12 swallow song
    13 giddy
    14 tears of kivi
    15 tegami
    16 miston
    17 gossamer
    18 aerosol
    19 juha

Once again, flau has become home for another exciting new artist. Machinone, the multi-instrumentalist who hails from Tohoku, Japan, with his gorgeous debut album “Tokyo”, joined the ever expanding artist roster of flau.

6 years ago, machinone (Daizo Kato) from Tohoku, moved to the west side of Tokyo, and opened a new chapter of his life. During these 6 years, he has been drawn to the fascinating surroundings of the town he stayed – a wonderful mix of modernization from the current time and nostalgic vestiges of the urban past. And thus, his debut album “Tokyo” was born – a collection of machinone’s delicate sketches of the town.

Using prepared guitar, with bow and bell, banjo, clarinet, stepping organ, wood toys, tape recorder, small piano, and various other musical instruments, mechinone gently outlined his various impressions of Tokyo. Soft finger-picking guitar playing, melodies with a sense of nostalgic, warm tape noise touches, ensemble of lush acoustic instruments, field recordings and ambient sounds that came from outside of his bedroom, encapsulate his sounds in a very unique way. This delicate debut album from machinone also made perfect by guest musicians like Takashi Tsuda (Radiosonde), Danny Norbury, Federico Durand, and elegantly mastered by Naph, who all together gave the album wonderful doses of beauty and exquisiteness. (text re-written by wei @ mu-nest)

実は約3年ほど前に不思議な偶然で出会っていた名もなき音楽。“tokyo"というタイトルで再会した加藤大三ことmachinoneの音楽は、日常の機微を淡い色彩で映し出す。現代を生きる都市生活者のフォークミュージック。その風景は都市の夜明け、朝日のまどろみの中の束の間の静寂のようでもあり、いつかの夏の日の懐かしい思い出のようでもある。- 河野洋志 (bar buenos aires)



ギターを中心にバンジョー、クラリネット、足踏みオルガン、木製の玩具、テープレコーダー、ピアノなど、様々な楽器を操るマルチ・インストゥルメンタリストmachinoneが録りためた記念すべきファーストアルバムとなる都市のスケッチ集。自身が6年程住んでいた東京の西側をテーマに、現代から田園風景が広がっていた過去の面影と幻想が入り交じった、広い意味での街を描いています。優しくノスタルジックな旋律を奏でるギターのフィンガー・ピッキング、温もりのあるテープノイズの感触、牧歌的で瑞々しい生楽器のアンサンブルを柔らかく包み込むように偶然入って来る周囲の音。朴訥とした雰囲気の中にもユニークな音響トリートメントと、ベルや弓などを使ったプリペアド・ギターなど自由な奏法とミックスによって、東京の持つ多彩な表情を穏やかに紡いだファーストアルバムです。Danny Norbury、Federico Durand、そして津田貴司がゲスト参加。

Press Quates


Like Noby Noby Boy OST meets Bibio - Douglas Wilson

the soundtrack to a drifting daydream as equally as to an existential crisis -

alternately nostalgic, melancholy, wistful, and bittersweet - Textura


Delicate sounds of somehow slowed-down…he continues to develop his music that is as hard to categorize as bitter-sweet mood it creates - Beehype

a score for a smalltown transplant swimming in the sea of concrete and people, a little lonely, a little homesick, not quite alienated and happy in the better future they left home for - Solar Flares

picture of pure elegance and beauty - BitCandy

It creates a wonderful mood of displaced solitude, the soundtrack to the first night spent in a foreign city as you view it vas an outsider - Norman Records


utterly gorgeous - M.Sage, Patient Sounds

“Tokyo” es el primer trabajo de un artista que exterioriza sus inquietudes en diversas formas, utilizando diferentes medios que desembocan en un idea uniforme, la acústica del ruido natural, el ruido de la acústica abierta - Hawái

interesting, experimental twist, which at times reminded me of the work of Flim…small orchestral ambient music - Vital Weekly