faintly lit
rima kato

cat#: FLAU45
Release Date: Japan - Jan 21st / Overseas - Jan 28th 2015
Format: CD/Digital



  • 01 i write letter
    02 you still dream
    03 life is warm
    04 have fun
    05 i fall silence
    06 dark clouds
    07 your river
    08 ferris wheel

8 poetries are lighted by subtlety like a tiny torch.

Rima Kato played in a band called Strrows during her high school years in the late 1990s. Following her mini-album "Harmless" that was published in 2012, she is now releasing her first full solo album called "Faintly Lit".

In the album she sings to her own accompaniment, consisting of various instruments such as the flute, alto recorder and electric guitar. A polite arrangement adds charm to her simple English poetry that she sings honestly. Only a few small words spill from her innocent voice that feels so fragile that it would break if touched.

Even though it feels influenced by pioneers in female singer-songwriter, lo-fi pop music, we can still sense that these 8 songs hold a strong identity with a firm will. The beauty of Rima's comprehensive songwriting leaves an impact on you.



90年代後半に活動した高校生ネオアコユニット、ストロオズのメンバーとして活躍した加藤りまが、ソロとして2012年に発表したミニアルバム「harmless」以来となる初のフルアルバム「faintly lit」をリリースします。




Press Quates


Kato constructs her songs like short stories and sings them in English that doesn’t waste time on anything complicated - Pitchfork


light and precious, and warm and dreamy as the song titles suggest...undeniably sweet - The Answer Is In The Beat


Fables need soundtracks. Rima Kato’s ‘Faintly Lit’ gets the job done, offering something between a contented folk lullaby and the overture for a children’s adventure story -- no conflict, no bluster, just the stars twinkling and the wind blowing...‘Faintly Lit’ is as subtle as it is silly, offering the sleepier end of indie pop that will appeal to fans of Vashti Bunyan’s pastoral tuck-ins - Norman Records


L’identità culturale giapponese ricorre nelle canzoni di Rima Kato sotto forma dell’aggraziato intimismo delle sue interpretazioni e della serafica spontaneità di un songwriting prezioso, fragile come un origami - Rockerilla/Music Wont's Save You


The gentle pluck of Rima’s acoustic guitar softly amplifies melodies that make each track glow with a folksy warmth, evoking a mood that will make you feel relaxed and nostalgic...reminded of artists such as Luce TG and even Mount Eerie - Out Of Sight


to spike the otherwise dreamy feel - Make Believe Melodies


Quite folk like, quite Static Caravan like; a great release - Vital Weekly


none of the 8 songs fail to make you feel like you’re dreaming. Faintly Lit doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. You might argue it becomes too samey, but to me, it doesn’t need to be more than that - Hodeløs

ノスタルジックなフォークロアと繊細なエレクトロニカが美しく溶け合った、優しさと温かさを湛える傑作フォークアンビエント - Intoxicate

素っ気なくただそばにいる優しさ...ひそやかな傑作 - Jet Set Records



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