cat#: FLAU54
Release Date: December 2nd, 2015
Format: CD/Digital


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  • 01 Flapping Wings
    02 Over Coastal Range
    03 Deep Blue Shadow
    04 Ocean Foam
    05 Over the Sea/Under the Water
    06 Close to Wetland
    07 Withered Reflection
    08 Blooms in Dark
    09 into the Ocean
    10 The Seashore of Endless Worlds
    11 Rolling Waves
    12 Diving into Pacific Ocean
    13 Light Shining Through the Sea


Ocean is a collection of Cicada's most recent releases. Coastland depicts the west coast of Taiwan where flock of waterfowls fly over soft wetland and grey sea with countless factories in the backdrop. Light Shining Through the Sea surfaced from the Pacific Ocean, landed on the eastern coast and offshore islands. The deep blue ocean and rocky shore here built completely different sceneries and stories than the west coast.

The vast plain of western Taiwan used to be farmlands. During the industrialization, the western coast has been suffering from the consequences of the economic growth. On the other hand, most parts of the East Coast Mountain Range remain untouched. However, the beautiful coast and ocean began to face the dilemma of environmental preservation and tourism development.

Ocean rises from the western coast and arrives the eastern coast through the East Coast Mountain Range. We dive deep into the Pacific Ocean to experience the rhythm and the irresistible power of the ocean. These songs took us to a journey to see ocean sunrise, to experience the liveliness and forces beneath the ocean. They are bathed in the sunshine, night breeze; they provoke youthful memories as well as thoughtful introspection. They have never ending stories to tell….

台湾を代表する室内楽アンサンブルCicadaが海をテーマとするニューアルバムをリリースします。Oceanは 、たくさんの工場を背景に、柔らかい湿地やグレートーンの海の上を無数の水鳥の群れが飛ぶ西海岸の風景を描いた「Coastland」、深い青色の海と磯が残る東海岸を描いた『Light Shining Through the Sea』という2つの作品から選曲、大胆なリミックスとリマスタリングが施され、新たな作品として生まれ変わったコンセプト・アルバム。

Press Quotes


Cicada brings such shimmering and positive energy to their ensemble playing on this new album - a beautiful celebration of our precious oceans - Rachel Grimes

One of 2015’s most beautiful releases…Ocean reflects more than just the sea; the album celebrates the presence of beauty in the changing tides -
A Closer Listen

Listening to their music is like soul redemption and makes you think more deeply about our world, with the ocean, with the wind, with the sunshine, with the happiness and sadness, with all the different feelings
- beehype

…listening to violins usher us into this new life, a life inside of a life, of us, our life, our new life - Tiny Mix Tapes

happy, hopeful pieces to more mellow, sobering ones - China Daily

graceful, harmonious, and ultra-melodious - Textura

実に瑞々しく、エレガントなシンプルさとともに伝わる美しい旋律と、5人によるアンサンブルが生み出す複雑な感情を表した見事な演奏…ヴァイオリンのピッツィカートは水鳥のささやきのように、チェロやギターは、全てのおおらかに包み込む大海原のよう - Pastel Records

...les partitions de cordes, soyeuses et liées, trouvent un habile contrepoint dans les interventions plus tranchées et saccadées de la guitare ou du piano - EtherReal