The End
Molnbär av John

cat#: FLAU58
Release Date: Japan - Sep.22th / Overseas - Oct 7th, 2016
Format: CD/Digital


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  • 1. Aujourd'hui il fait beau 
    2. The Thundersketch 
    3. The Criminal Sketch 
    4. Willow Sketch 
    5. The Teacher Sketch 
    6. Gibbous Groove 
    7. Kaikki Loppunu n° 1 
    8. Kaikki Loppunu n° 2 
    9. Kaikki Loppunu n° 3 
    10. Kaikki Loppunu n° 4 
    11. I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose n° 1 
    12. I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose n° 2 
    13. Tralla La n° 1 
    14. Tralla La n° 2  
    15. Tralla La n° 3 
    16. Tralla La n° 4 
    17. Futura Light 
    18. Hokey Baloney n° 1 
    19. Hokey Baloney n° 2 
    20. How I Met Anders af Klintberg  
    21. Here is Ja

It began in the middle of the 90s, in a young boys room, slightly south of the arctic circle. In a small town in the north of Sweden, with midnight sun during the short summers and the opposite – the polar nights – during the long dark winters. Popular culture and subcultures was then usually imported via satellites and radio waves all the wav across the Atlantic ocean to our radios and televisions. And for a young boy that opened for a brand new world. With cassette tapes and VHS was he able to capture those sounds and images and to later on trade and copy those cassette and VHS tapes on the school yard among friends. That was the foundation for the musical ideal for that young boy name John to start collaging with sounds inspired by his idols with dusty jazz loops, slamming drums and rhyming poetry led him later on to the music project that he today calls Molnbär av John. Molnbär is a direct translation of the word cloudberries. Cloudberries are a pale red – and sometimes in early autumn amber – colored berry that occur naturally throughout the Northern Hemisphere and have a distinctive tart taste, when over-ripe a creamy texture with a fine sweet flavor, shaped as beautiful fluffy clouds often grown on wetlands among with mosses and deposits of dead plant material. John is his name. Cloudberries by John. Somewhere between the cloudy shaped ember colored berries among the moss, the compressed sounds of dusty jazz loops on cassette tapes is where we are at. Sound collaged with thrift stores, long forgotten vinyls, put together on samplers and cassette tapes, experimenting with textures, melodies and screwing the sounds into cloudy horizons, where the crackling of the record is hard to separate from the sound of rain intermingled and given new life as haunting, organic and romantic compositions made somehow with the same architecture as the idols from the mid 90s.

The first recordings and sketches from the ”The End” sessions were made during 2006 and continues until 2013 and includes a selection of recordings, photos and sketches. Three already published projects: ”I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose” (2009), the sessions from the collaboration with Scottish mastermind Momus that resulted in three physical publications; The ”Thunderclown" EP (2011), ”Thunderclown" LP (2012) and the instrumental outtakes (that can be found on this record) the ”Thundersketches" EP (2012), the ”Kaikki Loppunu" sessions that was published as a split EP with Milan W by Joke Leonare and Yana Foké called Music For Night(shops) in 2013 and then unpublished outtakes from the Thunderclown sessions and never released material from those years.

This album I dedicate to my little brother Jesper Henriksson. Rest in peace, 1987 – 2015.


始まりは90年代半ば、北極圏の少し南の一人の男の子の部屋。短い夏に真夜中でも太陽が輝く白夜と、長く暗い冬の続く極夜が演出するスウェーデン北部の小さな町。そこでは大衆文化やサブカルチャーが、衛星とラジオウェーブに乗って大西洋を飛び越え、ラジオやテレビへと輸入されます。そしてそれは一人の少年にとって全く新しい世界を開いたのです。カセットテープやVHSテープによってそれらの音や画像をキャプチャー、後には学校の友達とそのコピーを交換すること。それはJohnという名前の少年が、埃まみれのジャズのループや野蛮なドラム、韻を踏む詩とともに彼のアイドルに触発されてサウンドコラージュを始め、今日彼がMolnbär av Johnと呼ぶ音楽プロジェクトへと彼を導くことになりました。


「The End」のセッションからの最初のレコーディングやスケッチは2006年に始まり、2013年まで続いています。そこには録音や写真、スケッチが含まれており、3つのプロジェクトとしてすでに公開されています:Molnbär av John名義での初めての作品「I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose/私は彼女の鼻を描きたい」(2009)、スコットランドの重要人物モーマスとのコラボレーション「Thunderclown」セッションのアウトテイク「Thundersketches」EP(2012)、Milan Wとのスプリット作品「 Music For Night (shops)」(2013)に収録された「 Kaikiki Loppunu」。


このアルバムは彼の弟、Jesper Henrikssonに捧げられます。 1987-2015

Press Quotes

innovative and cluttered collection where old 78s and string loops escape from their mummified vaults..It’s like The Caretaker decided to go on a bender before sobering up and returning to his normal pursuits...nostalgia as haunted playrd -
A Closer Listen (Top 10 Experimental 2016)

'Experimental Easy Listening’ here from Molnbär av John, who appears to be deploying crackly cassette and vinyl samples and squeezing them into peculiar new miniatures...a fairly lovely package - Norman Records

- Music Magazine