Dó Ré Mi Fon Fon
Fábio Caramuru

cat#: FLAU66
Release Date: Japan - June 21st / Overseas - Aug 18th, 2017
Format: CD/Digital


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  • 01. March, Soldier!
    02. Gone to Itororó
    03. Little dog
    04. The cockroach
    05. The canoe
    06. Crab
    07. Pass, pass, hawk
    08. At this street
    09. The carnation and the rose
    10. Fall, fall, balloon
    11. Small foot
    12. Sad frog
    13. The poor and the rich
    14. Small melon chapel
    15. Samba-lelê
    16. The black face ox
    17. Teresinha de Jesus
    18. My little rooster
    19. The alive fish
    20. The washerwomen
    21. I threw a stick on the cat
    22. Bam-ba-lalão
    23. I entered the dance wheel
    24. Jo’s slaves
    25. Ciranda, cirandinha
    26. The daisy
    27. Little sheep, big sheep

Dó Ré Mi Fon Fon - 27 Brazilian Children’s Songs was originally released in 2002. Dedicated to children, recorded at the piano with special sounds, those traditional Brazilian songs used to be very popular in the past, but seem to be almost forgotten nowadays.
The original CD was released with a memory card game inside a box, presenting a pair of images for each song.
The new arrangements of these popular songs were composed by Fábio Caramuru and the sound design of several curious sounds such as rain, children voices, animals and many others urban and rural sounds, was created by the multimedia artist Beth Bento.


Brazilian pianist and composer Fábio Caramuru and multimedia artist Beth Bento created, in 2002, a new entertainment option for children and adults as well. Dó Ré Mi Fon Fon I 27 Brazilian Nursery Songs, a piano based CD, also features some special sounds, presenting a series of famous traditional Brazilian nursery songs that are part of the childhood of many Brazilian children.
The songs were arranged and performed by Fábio Caramuru, enriched by a very delicate sound design - created by Beth Bento - featuring sounds of nature (animals), other instruments, voices etc.

アントニオ・カルロス・ジョビンの秀逸な解釈を見せたジョビン生誕90周年記念作「Tom Jobim」と来日ツアーに続き、ブラジル・サンパウロのピアニストFabio Caramuruの知られざるピアノ小曲集がリリース。「Dó Ré Mi Fon Fon 〜27のブラジルの童謡」は、かつて幼少時代の一部としてブラジルの子供たち誰もが知っていた童謡にフォーカスし、新たなアレンジによって時代の波の中で忘れ去られていた童謡のメロディの豊かさを再提示した作品です。温もり溢れる軽快なピアノの調べに、同国のマルチメディアアーティストBeth Bentoが雨、子供の声、動物、そして都市や農村の多くの音、サンバのリズムなどのフィールドレコーディングを加え、繊細なサウンドデザインを施した傑作。特別盤にはブラジルの子供たちが描いたスケッチを用いたメモリーカードを付属し、記憶の彼方にある子どもの世界へと誘うイマジネイティヴなサウンドスケープです。

Press Quotes

歳を重ねた人である程このアルバムを聴きながら暖かな午後のまどろみに誘われて、夢の中に子供時代の記憶の風景が広がれば、こんな幸せな事はない - Latina