31 Songs for Japan

cat#: FLAUR03
Release Date: May 11th 2011

mastering: Miles Whittaker
font: Calango
artwork: Craig Tattersall
support: Frameworks Festival



    part one:

    01. F.S.Blumm - f für flau
    02. Hauschka - moving slow
    03. Danny Norbury - lament
    04. Upward Arrows - (no title)
    05. Novisad - radium
    06. Sylvain Chauveau - sonando
    07. Kira Kira - Leave a Light On
    08. Lori Scacco - Midlands (for Japan)
    09. Colorlist - Resolve
    10. Pimmon - Heceta Final
    11. Gurun Gurun - Otamatone
    12. Christoph Berg - Notturno
    13. Taunus - Semuin Themes
    14. Aaron Martin - Orange to Eyeball (Machinefabriek Remix)
    15. Florencia Ruiz - ocho años despues
    16. Sons Of Magdalene - Lux Aeterna


    part two:

    01. Federico Durand - Nubes e insectos reflejados en un estanque
    02. Squares On Both Sides - Illustrations
    03. Jo Mango - Black Sun
    04. Sun Glitters - grow up like a beautiful flower
    05. Isan - Rain
    06. Leaf Bird - Dewey Raindrops
    07. Wechsel Garland - Entity
    08. Saroos - Scott
    09. The Boats - Attempt
    10. The Declining Winter - Kentmere (Demo)
    11. Bracken - The Fifty
    12. Talons' - For Yuichiro
    13. Keith Freund - From Balch Street
    14. Peter Broderick - One Story (piano version)
    15. Kutin - kirschblüten

The events that occurred to Japan in March 2011 brought sorrow to the victims of the earthquakes and the tsunami as well as an ongoing anxiety of a nuclear catastrophe. It confronted not only the people of Japan, but also people overseas with a paralyzing helplessness facing a catastrophe of such an enormity.
This is an attempt to help the victims within our means. All the artists on this compilation openly contributed (mostly yet unreleased) music to support the relief in the affected areas of Japan. All proceeds of the sales of this compilation will be entirely donated to the Red Cross Japan.

the compilation co-produced by daniel bürkner
supported by boomkat, calango, frameworks festival and all artists
thanks to: takcom, jim collinson, sanso-xtro, emanuele errante, henning schmiedt, karin zwack and all artists involved.


この度の東北地方太平洋沖地震に対してのレーベルの活動として、また多数の海外アーティストからの要望を受け、 ドイツ・ミュンヘンにて4月に開催されたframeworks festivalと共に、救済支援コンピレーションを制作しました。
レーベルそして日本と縁の深い海外アーティストによる楽曲を収録、 コンピレーションはboomkat、bandcampなどでデジタル配信され、配信手数料を除く収益の全てが、日本赤十字社へと寄付されます。


制作:flau, daniel bürkner, frameworks festival
協力:all artists, boomkat, calango, takcom, jim collinson, sanso-xtro, emanuele errante, henning schmiedt and karin zwack