cat#: FLAUR05
Release Date: December 23th, 2011
Format: Digital


  • 01. △
  • 02. □
  • 03. ○
  • 04. △ (Sun Glitters Remix)


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Bandcamp / Boomkat

Knit is first ep from tokyo based NEON CLOUD. Ep features remix from Luxemburg's Sun Glitters.

Press Quates

Making obvious but respectful nods to Tri Angle's Holy Other, o0o00 and Balam Acab, or the likes of Grimes, 'Knit' convects glossolalic coos and pitched vox around slow, tense electro/R&B rhythms with an meticulous attention to detail and sensitively spacious production. - Boomkat (album of the week!)


Icy vibes that are pretty easy to like, even with shapes for song names - Make Believe Melodies


thankfully transcend all of this with a track that has about a hundred things going on, all of them rad. - The Line Of Best Fit (tracks of the week)


the first song, the sinister “△” (below), is wickedly good. One of the the most original tracks I’ve heard all year…all elegantly overlapping. It’s part dub-step menace, part ethereal hypnotics - Their Bated Breath


a surprising gem, made up of tight-knit, light percussion and breathless female vocals. An intriguing soundscape - Lost Lost Lost


just simply stunning with its breathy female vocals and haunting soundscapes. The album is full of dark and mysterious entities that creep into your head and body, a state of hypnosis that abducts you from mundane forms of reality and transports you into its dark abyss of external space - Hearling Gold



Media Information


'○' selected Hypersoul by 14tracks


Danish National Radio Gaffa feature Neon Cloud