Sylvain Chauveau

cat#: FLAUR06
Release Date:
Japan - April 18th, 2012 / Europe & USA - June 15th,2012

mastering: Taylor Deupree
artwork: Nao Sugimoto & Sylvain Chauveau


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  • 01 Heart Beating (remix of Agoria)
  • 02 Attractions (remix of Arca)
  • 03 High in the Morning (remix of Paul Duncan)
  • 04 Dernière Etape avant le Silence (remix of Sylvain Chauveau)
  • 05 Ik Week (remix of At The Close Of Everyday)
  • 06 A_ (remix of Sylvain Chauveau)
  • 07 Grey (remix of StretchAndRelax)

I've been remixing songs by other artists since 2001 and it's something I always like to do. This year, in collaboration with the Flau label, I've decided to compile my favourite remixes and to release them on one CD. Most of the time, I like to transform very much the original songs. I try to bring them into my own musical atmosphere. For example, on Agoria's techno song "Heart Beating", I kept nearly nothing of the original music but I replaced it by orchestral parts that I had recorded with a 40-strings orchestra for the film by HR Boe "Beast". Anyway, I always want to keep faithful to the original melodies. On this selection of remixes, I kept the original vocal parts.
Some remixes are made out of songs that I've done myself ("Dernière Etape Avant le Silence", "A_") or with my band Arca with long-time collaborator Joan Cambon ("Attractions", which inspired the title of this EP as "Abstractions").
Those remixes are another side of my musical work that had never been compiled before.


- Sylvain Chauveau

初期のモダン・クラシカル傑作群やFatCat、Typeからリリースされている静謐なピアノ・アンビエント作品、ボーカルや全てのアレンジメントを手がけて話題を呼んだDepeche Modeのカバー、Micro Mega:, Arca, ON, 0など様々な名義でその留まるところを知らない才能を発揮しているフランスの現代作曲家Sylvain Chauveau。
Carl Craigともコラボレーションを果たす同国の人気テクノ・アーティストAgoriaのためにオーケストラを用いた冒頭曲など、オリジナルの歌以外は全て 新しくレコーディングした素材を用いて再構築するというルールに基づき、荘厳でミニマル、時にドラマティックにリアレンジされ、Sylvainの楽曲へと 生まれ変わった全7曲、もはやSylvain Chauveauの新たな新作といっても過言ではない唯一無二の美しさを讃えています。
マスタリングは12KのオーナーTaylor Deupreeが担当。

Press Quates

Armstrong-meets-Richter dramatic emotional neoclassical business and more modern, experimental grooves...Solid collection. - Norman Records

‘Abstractions’ manages to sweep up the rare occasions when the French neo-classical feller allows himself to tackle tunes out of his regular comfort zone. -


I quite enjoyed this melancholy…it fits the whole atmospheric trip all of these Japanese releases are in. Nice - Vital Weekly


Les 7 pistes d’Abstractions sont à la fois singulières et proches par l’élégance d’interprétation et de ré-orchestration minimalistes dont Sylvain Chauveau est l’un des virtuoses. - Toujours un coup d’Avance


Depuis dix ans qu’il réalise des remixes d’autres musiciens, Sylvain Chauveau est maintenant bien familier de ce mécanisme même si, sur ces pages, on n’a jamais encore eu l’occasion d’évoquer ce versant de son travail. - EtherREAL


Dispuestos de manera templada, cada elemento esta ubicado de forma que evita la interrupción. Casi sin adornos, los sonidos se abren paso entre el tejido sintético, flotando sobre una red invisible de ruido discreto. Así es como Chauveau vuelve a fabricar el material extraño y el suyo, envolviendo la melodía y las estructuras entre el silencio y hebras transparentes - Hawái