cat#: FLAUR07
Release Date:
Japan - March 20th, 2012
Europe/USA - May 28th,2012

mastering: Miles Whittaker
artwork: Hiroshi Sato


  • 01 New Heads
  • 02 Jaha
  • 03 Aaaas
  • 04 Naviea
  • 05 Thalassa
  • 06 Zudon
  • 07 Gold
  • 08 Penguin
  • 09 Filmatra
  • 10 Flashbackerr
  • 11 Kamera (bonus track)

This is the first offical ep from Kyoto beatmaker Madegg. The album features his early work from 2009 when he was only 16 years old, up to current mixes from 2011. The tracks were made only using Ableton live lite. These tracks showcase the contemporary feel of current beat music, but Madegg presents us with something original and unique from a teenager’s fresh and keen sensitivity and insight.
Loose, lazy, awakward grove, bounce around with a charming electronic sound. There is a strange hybrid mix, taking on several genres like electronica, LA beats, wonky, and experimental sounds.
The ep was mastered by Miles Whittaker (a.k.a Demdike Stare, Pendle Coven). Madegg’s sounds are not dependent on gimmick. Now, even at the young age of 19, Madegg feels he gets a sense of the individual experience and self-searching from the tracks he makes. The effect is something deep, that deepens as you listen to the musical transitions of this collection.

京都在住のトラックメイカーMadeggの初公式音源は、2009年春から2011年にかけて作られた楽曲を集めた初期作品集。Abletone Live Liteのみで作られたというこれらの楽曲は、昨今のビート・ミュージックとの同時代性を強く感じさせながらも、十代の瑞々しく鋭敏な感性でしか作り得な い独創的なトラックに仕上がっています。緩くいびつなグルーブ、チャーミングに飛び回る電子音、エレクトロニカ、LAビート、音響/エクスペリメンタルを通過した奇妙すぎるハイブリット感。 楽曲を製作しては、そこから得る経験と反省が新たな楽曲の生まれるきっかけになる、という彼の音楽的変遷も伺える興味深い内容といえるでしょう。
マスタリングをDemdike StareのMiles Whittakerが担当、派手なギミックに頼ることのないMadegg独特のディープな質感に一層の磨きをかけています。


Press Quates

Hoots, clinks, and the twangs of an acoustic guitar bob in and out of the stoney haze like an off-kilter choir of emoji singing over a half-time beat. - XLR8R


Teach EP showcases the type of experimental beat-making that sounds not derived from computers and hardware, but from bugs in the park and the ringing when you drop a metal bowl - The FADER