cat#: FLAUR10
Release Date:
Japan - January 9th.2013
Europe/USA -February 18th 2013

drawing & photo: Akiko Nakayama
design: Ryuto Miyake


  • 01. Twinkle Way with Baths
  • 02. Pulsation with Geskia!
  • 03. Fluorite with LASTorder
  • 04. Haku (Madegg Remix)

Finally, it is here!

Cokiyu’s long-awaited single, 'Haku', is finally here! The title of this single, 'Haku', is actually a brand new demo song by cokiyu after her critically acclaimed 2nd album, “Your Thorn”. Started from'Haku', cokiyu then invited 3 of her favorite artists, namely Baths, Geskia! and LASTorder to collaborate using materials from 'Haku'. In this collaboration process, new ideas were born, new sounds were injected, new dimensions were created, and thus, 3 new songs were conceived.

'Twinkle Way' is a very charming duet with the popular artist Baths (anticon label) from United States, along with sweet beats and fluffy vocals. 'Pulsation' is the result of the beautiful collaboration with flau’s beats producer Geskia!, whose popularity in Japan has been rising rapidly. And the 19 years old young gun LASTorder (who is known for his collaboration with Shingo2) joined forces in the 3rd song, “Fluorite”, with some gorgeous and yet dramatic arrangement.

The single is completed with a 9-minutes epic remix by Kyoto’s most talented young beat-maker, Madegg, who recently released his debut album “Tempera” in flau label.

And now, enjoy, the sounds of 'Haku'.


- by wei (mu-nest)

セカンド・アルバム『Your Thorn』 以降を示すCokiyuのコラボレーション・シングル。アルバムリリース後に産み落とされたオリジナル・ソング「Haku」を、cokiyuとその才能を認め合う3組Baths, Geskia!, LASTorderによって、まばゆいばかりの色彩をまとった美しい楽曲へと昇華されたベッドルーム・ポップが完成しました。
アメリカanticonの人気アーティストBathsとのチャーミングなデュエットが光る「Twinkle Way」、日本が誇るビート・プロデューサーGeskia!との「Pulsation」、19歳の新鋭LASTorderによるドラマチックなアレンジが 冴え渡る「Fluorite」の新曲3曲を収録。さらにflauからのデビュー・アルバム『Tempera』も話題の京都の若き奇才ビートメイカー Madeggによる9分に及ぶ大作リミックスを含めた全4曲。


Press Quates


a dreamy haze, with snippets of Cokiyu’s airy voice floating all over a skittering drumline - Pitchfork


You have to be pretty confident that softness is your core virtue. Thankfully, a quiet and pitch-perfectly tender repertoire precedes Cokiyu - The FADER


a delicate, beautifully glowing duet - Gorilla VS Bear


”Twinkle Way” boasts a strong personality as there is a bountiful amount of ambient and chillwave aspects mixed into the medley…It’s the type of tune where it can send you through the clouds and reel you back to Earth. - Earmilk


Haku is a great example of one of Tokyo’s best musical dreamers at work.
- International Tapes


it’s escapist electronica in its purest, most wonderfully-textured form - This Is Fake DIY


Cute and whimsical (and very Japanese), this track somehow manages to stay away from the soft sound by introducing lively beats into the mix - Indie Shuffle


…everything on this EP so meticulous, you come out of it giddy rather than lethargic - Artrocker


..smooth and graceful vocals are of the most endearing of Haku’s features. They drape softly over the music like a light snow flurry, covering each song with a chaste, angelic charm - InYourSpeakers


an especially dreamy number called “Twinkle Way” that blends pillowy electronics with laid-back (yet danceable) beats - Exclaim.Ca


A delicate, lovingly-crafted gem marked by it’s dazzlingly plucked strings, incidental sounds and gorgeously breathy vocals; there couldn’t be a more apt title than ‘Twinkle Way’. - Planet Notion


The two of them work great together, the aerial and fragile vocal of Cokiyu has never sounds better accompanied with the abrasive beats of Baths - Banana