cat#: FRAUM02
Release Date: Japan - March 25th / USA & Europe March 23rd 2015
Format: 12"/Digital

mastering: Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare)
mastercut by Andreas [Lupo] Lubich



  • A1. ?????
    A2. Francis
    B1. Wah Fruits
    B2. Current Work1
    B3. Scum from Social Design

Madegg, the 22 year old wonder kid who supported Arca, Ryoji Ikeda, Anthony Naples, FaltyDL, The Field in Japan last year, starts a new project: M/D/G.
The EP's concept is "sport in 2100" - M/D/G's unique sound evokes the feelings of a mechanical body check, some strange procession, the embodiment of our future body. High quality lo-fi sounds coming from a techno/house/bass music orientation and just as perfect on dance floor or in your living room.
RIYL:Huerco S., Actress, Kassem Mosse, Logos, Karen Gwyer, Basic House

Sonar Sound Osaka/Tokyo 2013両公演に最年少で出演、昨年はRyoji Ikeda、Tim Hecker、The Fieldの公演をサポートするなど22歳の若さにして多方面から注目を浴びる京都の奇才Madeggが新たなプロジェクトM/D/Gをスタートさせます。2100年のスポーツを一つのコンセプトとし、強烈な身体感覚を呼び起こすファットなグルーヴとロウな質感、時空が歪むかのようなユニークな音響空間によって、ベッドルームからダンスフロアまでも機能する多面性を獲得。パラノイアックに繰り返される不穏なループの応酬には、既存のハウスミュージックを更新させるような強い野心が見え隠れします。

Press Quates


an ornate, hugely plentiful buffet of melancholy peeling-plaster yet industrial abandoned-building sounds precisely and danceabley ripped to shreds, framed antique mechanics of an unknown future, but it's vital and organic - Yes/No Music


sparse but effective, and jolting botanical of body music - Impose Magazine

strange progressions and future-leaning nods -


refracted house music which serves as an intriguing first taste to the collection of raw, twisted productions- XLR8R


a sensitive edge, cuytting quite close to Herbert styles with the banging techno dimensions - Boomkat


extra special, bass heavy tracks over run with multi-layered pops, snaps and house-esque vocals - Bleep

フィジカルなビートと流麗なウワモノの連なりが圧巻のグルーヴィー・ミニマル - Disk Union