Oct 4th, 2017

The Japan Times feat. FLAU10

Oct 4th, 2017

The Japan Times feat. FLAU10

The Japan Times feat. FLAU10 and interview with honcho Yasuhiko Fukuzono who was fatigued with sitting up all night.


Flau marks its 10th anniversary with a burglary, some toilet paper and a commitment to atmospheric pop“To me, music is personal. I like having time alone with it. I think Flau’s music suits that and I think there’s still a place for that in people’s lives.”

ジャパンタイムズにて現在開催中のFLAU10の特集記事が公開、レーベルオーナーのYasuhiko Fukuzonoがエキシビションの経緯やアイデア、音楽について話しています。

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