Nov 24th, 2017

watch new MV ‘Dolphins Leap’ by Cicada

Nov 24th, 2017

watch new MV ‘Dolphins Leap’ by Cicada


ニューアルバム「White Forest」より新たに収録曲「Dolphins Leap」が公開。世界有数の野生イルカの生息地である伊豆・御蔵島で撮影されています。

This song describes two common dolphins on the eastern coast of Taiwan: flying dolphins and dolphins. Flying dolphins swim faster, and love jumping, dolphins are graceful pattern, so the song also used different speeds, simulating the two dolphin patterns.

The video specially invited cetacean photographer Jin Lei to work together. In July of this year, he went out to sea from Hualien to catch these two species of dolphins. However, the sea is always inaccessible. The two most common species of dolphins are rarely seen this year. Rarely, however, large, very large whales emerge frequently. It is so hard for us to capture killer whales and sperm whales. So this MV can also be said to record the grand occasion of the sea in July this year and hope everyone can feel the beauty of Taiwan’s waters in this song.

The last thing to say is that if humans want to come in contact with whale dolphins, the best way is to visit them in their own habitat and see their most authentic and comfortable appearance

All the pictures on the sea are from the waters of Taiwan. The underwater is the bottlenose dolphin of Mikuni Island in Japan. Because it is still a challenge to be able to shoot underwater dolphins in Taiwan.


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