Jun 2nd, 2018

Takeo Toyama – Minority

Jun 2nd, 2018

Takeo Toyama – Minority

今月リリースの新作コンピレーション「Circles」からトウヤマタケオによる「Minority」をsoundcloudに公開しました。トウヤマさんとはHenning Schmiedt初来日からの縁。以前から大好きだった曲を再録してくれました。



info/pre-order Circles http://flau.jp/wordpress/releases/circles/
photo by Ryo Mitamura

Born in Hyogo prefecture Japan on 18th. January 1965, Japanese pianist Takeo Toyama started his career at the end of 90’s. His first album ”ground piano” was released by Yoshihiro Hanno (aka. RADIQ )’s label. His second, “hello 88” and 3rd, “etudes” were released by Karaoke-Kalk label (Berlin). He has uses acoustic instruments in electric music. Fresh from recording his 6th studio album “Waltz in March’ with renowned German composer pianist Hauschka in Berlin.

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