Apr 5th, 2024

Kumi Takahara – See-Through: Live at Okurayama Memorial Hall

Apr 5th, 2024

Kumi Takahara – See-Through: Live at Okurayama Memorial Hall

大倉山記念館で昨年末開催した高原久実「See-Through」リリースパーティーのライブ録音を本日リリースしました。アルバムに加えて新曲2曲、The Old Dreams ( aus remix) のリアレンジも。ミックスをKASHIWA Daisukeが手がけています。Bandcampでは期間限定でName Your Price。


Kumi Takahara’s inaugural album, “See-through,” released in 2021, marked a milestone with a resplendent launch party held last November 15th at the serene Okurayama Memorial Hall, overcoming the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic. Joined by six talented chamber musicians, Takahara not only showcased the album’s core tracks but also unveiled three new compositions, enchanting the audience with her musical finesse.

The Okurayama Memorial Hall, celebrated for its subtle embrace of the ancient architectural style referred to as Pre-Hellenic, echoes with a delicate fusion of Eastern and Western influences, crafting an ambiance both refined and captivating. Within this ethereal setting, Takahara’s album, imbued with the artist’s heartfelt essence, underwent a graceful transformation through nuanced arrangements, ascending to a realm of rich and evocative musical expression.
Kumi Takahara – piano, violin, voice
Natsumi Katayama – violin
Hitomi Nanami – violin
Moe Aoyagi – viola
Saeko Murakami – cello
Hiroki Chiba – contrabass
Recorded by Takaharu Kobayashi
Mixed & Mastered by KASHIWA Daisuke
Video shooting : Yatafilm
Video editing : Kumi Takahara
photo by Ryo Mitamura
#kumi takahara#live#release
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