Oct 3rd, 2010

An afternoon with aus + Danny Norbury + Patrick Farmer PATRICK FARMER and Jo Mango

Oct 3rd, 2010

An afternoon with aus + Danny Norbury + Patrick Farmer PATRICK FARMER and Jo Mango

Daylight Music, which occurs on Saturdays at the Union Chapel, is a unique platform for showcasing new and existing talent to audiences wanting to start their weekends with a musical dosage. Not only is the event free and set in one of London’s most attractive venues, but also offers a great opportunity for new musicians to announce themselves and for experienced ones to experiment with their craft.

Yesterday, the third instalment of this season’s Daylight Music, saw Japan’s aus and Glasgow’s Jo Mango provide two sets of varied music that both succeeded in comforting the audience with a soothing and calming entry point to their Saturday. As the crowds queued for their fix of coffee, tea, bacon rolls and biscuits, the stage was dominated by a resting cello, a floor tom and a piano.

aus, who currently tours Europe, was joined by Danny Norbury and Patrick Farmer. Combining simplistic piano melodies with field recordings, improvised cello and a dynamic use of percussion (which included dropping twigs over the floor tom), the set was enchanting in its homely approach to melodic construction. At one point a music box was fed directly into a laptop and the resulting sounds processed live to create a dream-like lullaby. The humble and melancholic bowing of Danny’s cello complimented the delicate piano play and the general echoes, coughs and occasional wails from a child in the audience all provided a natural ambience that seamlessly integrated with the sounds being performed.

…With the music concluded and the event closed for another weekend, the chapel slowly relieved itself of its congregation. Hangovers, sleepy faces and those feeling the hardships of a busy week were released back into the hustle and bustle of a Saturday afternoon. However for the two hours prior to this both aus and Jo Mango had ensured that dreams were preserved and heavy heads alleviated thanks to their varied forms of musical encouragement.

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photo courtesy by Daylight Music

An afternoon with aus, Patrick Farmer, Danny Norbury and Jo Mango | Fluid Radio

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